Letter to the Editor: Lillian Nitsch

Lillian Nitsch , Guest Columnist

In the September issue, the Marquette messenger dissected dress codes. Both sides brought up interesting arguments but I felt like I should provide my opinion since I have been so affected by this topic. I have been dress-coded countless times, each time more demeaning than the last. This is why I believe schools should abolish dress codes because it is not a discussion about being professional, its only purpose is to police women’s bodies. The administration claims that the purpose of a dress code is to prepare its students for the real world, to teach its students how to dress professionally. But if that were the case, then shouldn’t sweatpants, leggings, and sweatshirts also be banned? These items of clothing are not professional and you wouldn’t wear them to a job interview, so why are these items not banned and midriffs are? It comes down to the fact that women’s bodies have always been frowned upon and are viewed as something that needs to be “covered up”. Why is the body that I exist in unprofessional? If you try to claim that dress codes exist for the purpose of remaining professional, at least be consistent.