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A Night To Remember

The Class of 2020 gathered together on June 1 to graduate at POWERPlex STL.

Zara Tola, Copy Editor

June 10, 2020

  At the MHS graduation ceremony Monday, June 1, graduates for the Class of 2020 gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of their high school careers. Planning Graduation Amidst the COVID-19 Quarantine  Despite the ongoing COVID-19 social distancing requirements, RSD held graduat...

Black Americans Face Disproportionate Effects of COVID-19

Kaliah Rodgers, senior, sits atop her bed, trying to be productive as the effects of the coronavirus pandemic looms over her.

Lauren Pickett, In-Depth Editor

June 1, 2020

Sam Hall, junior, felt anxious and saw a decline in her mental health after the COVID-19 pandemic took two lives in her extended family and her sense of familial connection.  “Because we weren’t able to have a funeral, it was really hard to wrap your mind around the reality of the situati...

COVID-19 Pandemic Presents Mental Health Challenges

Grace Clutts, senior, took up knitting and painting to improve upon her mental health while during months of physical isolation due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Lauren Pickett, In-Depth Editor

June 1, 2020

Grace Clutts, senior, noticed her leadership roles and mental health awareness efforts diminish following a bittersweet end to her club’s accomplishments during the novel coronavirus pandemic. As president of Mustangs for Mental Health (M4MH), Clutts and her members are trying to salvage the engage...

Alumni Reflect on the Effects of COVID-19

Nicole Licavoli, senior, eats dinner with her older sister Allison, Class of 2017, and her parents Nick and Cindy. Allison said she faced a challenge living far away from home in her first few years of college.  “My family is very close,” Allison said. “We keep a family tradition of having dinner together every night. They’ve always supported me and helped me get through tough times.”

Lauren Pickett, Staff Reporter

May 25, 2020

Allison Licavoli, Class of 2017, saw her dreams for her newly established career in higher education spiral downhill in a matter of days as the coronavirus pandemic escalated.  Licavoli wasn’t aware of the encroaching ramifications of the outbreak, until a trip to Disney World with her family became a...

Childhood Nostalgia During Quarantine

General levels of childhood nostalgia has been increasing during quarantine.

Aarushi Bute, Staff Reporter

May 16, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the nation, Adhithi Chinta, sophomore, taps into her old memories to relive the happy moments and induce positivity.  Chinta has been rewatching her childhood favorite movies such as “High School Musical” and “Camp Rock.”  “I’m choosing to r...

Students Celebrate Birthdays During Quarantine

Jaimee Bunderson, sophomore, stands in front of the birthday lawn signs saying

Aarushi Bute, Staff Reporter

May 16, 2020

From hotel ballrooms to expensive dresses, Jaimee Bunderson, sophomore, had big plans for her Sweet 16. But instead, the COVID-19 pandemic hit.  Bunderson said her friends were planning a huge surprise birthday party. She also was looking forward to getting her driver’s license during this...

Senior Makes Instagram Page For Class Of 2020

Shruti Punnachalil, senior, is scrolling through @marquetteseniors2020 on Instagram.

Shyam Punnachalil, Staff Reporter

May 12, 2020

As of Tuesday, May 12, Missouri has seen 9,918 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 488 total deaths. The stay-at-home order issued by St. Louis County has been extended throughout the month of May until further notice which  leaves the district with no way to hold a graduation ceremony in May due to the viru...

Students Celebrate Traditions During Quarantine

Amanda Eshelmann and her family's

Ella Musial, Staff Reporter

May 7, 2020

Quarantine due to COVID-19 has resulted in families staying home and trying to find unique ways to spend time together while also trying to combat boredom.  Amanda Eshelmann, junior, and her family of seven spend time together with old, before-quarantine traditions as well as invent new ones.&nbs...

A Journey From Another Hemisphere: EL Students Share Their Stories

Living an active life outside of school, Victoire Lehee said some of her favorite pastimes are hiking, running, and horse riding. She has ridden horses for about seven years and finds time to practice primarily on the weekends. In Switzerland, Lehee said she focused on her horse jumping skills. Now living in the U.S., she was able to find a new barn where she mostly works on dressage. She sits atop her horse, Lingotton, pictured above. “Horse riding teaches me perseverance because sometimes the horse doesn't want to do things, and you can’t be angry, so I think I learned patience too,” Lehee said. “When we’re together, I feel like the horse understands me, and you don’t even have to talk.”

Lauren Pickett, Staff Reporter

May 3, 2020

Victoire Lehee, sophomore, connects with her French roots by speaking her mother tongue at home and speaking either English, German or Russian outside depending on her global location.  Lehee represents the almost one out of every four children in the U.S. who speaks a language other than En...

High-Risk: Living With Chronic Illness During COVID-19

Jesse Deutch, sophomore, has Chronic Kidney Disease, which puts her at a higher risk for contracting the novel coronavirus. Being in the high-risk group means she is significantly more likely to develop complications from the virus than compared to the average person.

Arpitha Sistla, Staff Reporter

May 1, 2020

A day in the life of Jesse Deutch, sophomore, looks a lot like any other teen in quarantine’s day.  She sleeps in, does her schoolwork, FaceTimes her friends and scrolls for hours through TikTok to occupy herself and avoid the inevitable boredom that comes with self-quarantine.  Howev...

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