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Alexi McCammond, former Teen Vogue editor, was forced to resign on March 18 because of controversial tweets from her adolescence. For some, her situation prompts a question - should we be held responsible in adulthood for what we post as teens?

Think Before Posting: How Teenage Tweets can Ruin a Life

Liza Cooper, Co-Features Editor 14 hours ago

Thoughts are fleeting, but social media is forever. That’s what former Teen Vogue Editor in Chief Alexi McCammond had to learn the hard way. McCammond was just about to step into her new position...

Christie Legate, senior, implements the concept of casualness in her everyday life. Legate has a bulletin board where she pins selfies with friends and family along with printed quotes and memorabilia.

Instagram Trend Emphasizes Authenticity

Waha Siddiqui, Editor-In-Chief April 1, 2021

For many years, senior Christie Legate’s social media routine was the same: dress up, hang out with multiple friends, always check the lighting and positioning, edit to perfection, then seal the deal...

Larson Hill, senior poses with his car, warming bag and mask, all required for his job delivering food for DoorDash. Recently, DoorDash has become a popular employer for MHS students due to it’s easy sign up, flexibility and high pay.

Students Work for Food Delivery Service DoorDash

Ben Hughes, Photography Editor, Online Publisher April 1, 2021

After suggestions from friends, Larson Hill applied to deliver for DoorDash, one of several food delivery companies increasing in popularity. Hill originally applied to replace the income that he lost...

Senior Amanda Eshelman [Anisha Jarang on the left] participated in Perry Initiative Program at WashU in which they hosted a series of events encouraging girls to pursue careers in Orthopedic Medicine and Engineering which is a profession that is only 6% women. Eshelman said this program inspires her to combine her interest in healthcare and computer science. She said was amazed at the process of using technology in orthopedic surgery to place screws and visualize joint replacements.

Senior Amanda Eshelman Gains National Recognition in the Computer Science Field

Lajja Patel, Staff Reporter March 24, 2021

When Amanda Eshelman, senior, accidentally found herself in Ms.Blanke’s CCL computer science class at age 8 little did she know she would gain national achievement for her work in the field 10 years...

Selma Hotich, junior, and her family gather in Bosnia for lunch.

Bilingual Students Highlight Their Experiences Taking a Foreign Language

Carter Van Buskirk, Features Editor March 24, 2021

At MHS, four different foreign languages are offered for students to take. However, the languages of French, Spanish, German and Latin are not the only languages spoken by students. Renee Kruchowska,...

Andrew Messina, senior, gets a tattoo in remembrance of his late uncle. “I want to still keep that tattoo that was his alive and that memory of it, you know that my family has alive,” Messina said.

Family Matters: Students Connect With Relatives Through Tattoos

Grace Taylor, Social Media Editor March 24, 2021

Paige Mathys, senior, has two tattoos: a geometric pineapple on her ribs and a date in Roman numerals on her wrist.  These tattoos are more than just ink, they are in remembrance of her late mother.  Mathys...

Sam Wakapa, sophomore, enjoys reading and playing basketball with friends as forms of self-care. Growing up as a first-generation Kenyan immigrant, Wakapa said his family rarely spoke about mental health. He became more open to these discussions with peers of the same age. The issue of mental health stigmatization in a household, he said, could affect Black students’ willingness to seek support outside of the family.  “Older people in the Black community may have a harder time understanding what the younger generation goes through because of the disconnect from issues being on social media.

In-Depth: Barriers to Mental Health Care in Black Communities

Lauren Pickett, In-Depth Editor March 19, 2021

As a Black woman, Aliyah Edwards, senior, said she is undervalued. As one of few the Black students in predominantly white classes, she combats daily limitations and stereotypes that negatively affect...

Resources are being provided to teachers as professional development to help them create a safe environment for students regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Mental Health in the LGBTQ+ Community

Marin Ellington, Co-Sports Editor March 14, 2021

“If you’re miserable you can feel it deep in your chest and stomach.” Madison Horwitz, sophomore, is all too familiar with these feelings as she is one of many youths in the LGBTQ+ community who...

Brittany Bagy, LPC, said routinely labelling emotions and having awareness of how emotions are experienced as somatic events are beneficial aspects of mindfulness. “It’s being able to step back and just notice the rising and passing of our own thoughts because thoughts and emotions are fluid, they’re always changing,” Bagy said. “Even in hardship, we can somehow let ourselves know we're doing the best that we can to help us get through it.”

Burnout, Motivation Affects Personal Well-Being, Productivity

Lauren Pickett, In-Depth Editor March 3, 2021

Recent studies by multiple organizations demonstrate the same findings: teens are increasingly more anxious, depressed and overwhelmed leading to burnout. Anxiety and depression are on the rise among...

Previously just a normal bodily function, sneezing is now considered taboo activity during the pandemic.

Sneezing Stigma

Liza Cooper, Staff Reporter February 17, 2021

The average human sneezes 4 times a day. That didn’t use to matter. Before COVID-19, sneezing was just a normal bodily function. If done  in public, no one would take a second glance. But now, sneezing...

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