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Students are intrigued by Elon Musks activity on twitter and his plan to buy the platform.

Students React to Elon Musk Twitter Takeover

Willem Hummel, Staff Reporter May 23, 2022

Elon Musk announced in April that he planned to buy 9.2 percent of Twitter for $44 billion, but has since put the plan on hold. Under his plan, he would make some changes including allowing suspended...

The first real prom of the 20s was held at the Frontenac Hilton in Creve Coeur. In the past couple of years, prom has been cancelled, or held outside.

Return to Norm: MHS Hosts First Real Prom since Pandemic

Aubrey Lacavich, Business Manager May 17, 2022

Karim Elbeshbeshy, junior officer, has been planning prom the past few months, tasting food and finding reservations for prom. Prom will be held from  7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Frontenac Hilton, in...

Kevin Koch, AP Environmental Science teachers solar array on his house.

Solar Energy Becomes Exceedingly Popular in Local Buildings and Schools

Willem Hummel, Staff Reporter May 16, 2022

In local districts and communities, solar energy has become increasingly popular. In 2013 the Parkway School District began a solar project that installed 100 solar panels on each of the district’s...

Aubrey Adams, junior, puts gas in her 2010 Mini Cooper at Petro-Mart for about $50, a jump from her usual $37. This is due to the increase in gas prices in response to the impending invasion of Ukraine by Russia. The increase is mainly caused by increased sanctions by both the U.S and other countries who have taken Russian oil off the market.

Gas On The Rise: Increased Sanctions on Russia Led to Gas Price Increases

Aubrey Lacavich, Business Manager May 13, 2022

Aubrey Adams, junior, usually spends $37 to fill up the tank of her 2010 Mini Cooper. Since the rise in prices, she now pays about $50.  “I feel trapped because I have to stay home more often,”...

Ed Board: Let Transgender Women Play

Ed Board: Let Transgender Women Play

Editorial Board May 12, 2022

“No athletic team or sport designated for females, women or girls shall be open to students of the male sex, as assigned at birth,” states Senate Bill 781.  The “Save Women’s Sports Act”...

At MHS, attendance has dropped from  94.38 percent in March 2019 to 92.22 percent in March 2022. When applied to the 2,251 student population, that adds up to approximately 175 students absent within the past month, when it used to be 125 students absent.

School Attendance Declines in First In-Person Year

Rue Siddiqui, Co-Online Editor May 12, 2022

Across the nation, students are being marked absent at a higher rate than ever before. The Los Angeles Times reports that 46 percent of students have missed at least 9 percent of the school year. The...

Meg Davis checks out Reese Foremen and Nia Ovcharovas lunches to them.

MHS to Return to Paid Lunches Next School Year

Willem Hummel, Staff Reporter May 5, 2022

Thursday, June 2 will be the last day free lunches will be available to all students. Next school year students will once again need to pay for food at school. Madison Shultz, sophomore, is a working...

Bill Branson, RSD maintenance and grounds coordinator, said air filtration and ventilation could always be better, but it just would not be realistic financially for much more improvement to what RSD already has in place because as a higher percentage of fresh air is introduced into the school, the more energy it takes to heat or cool the air.

Clean Air Challenge Comes at a Price

Willem Hummel, Staff Reporter April 29, 2022

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a challenge for buildings on March 22, 2022, including schools, to improve air quality.  The plan, released March 22, is called the Clean Air In Buildings...

Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) is participating in a national Day of Silence to protest the abuse, mistreatment and erasure of LGBTQ+ students. Organized by the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN), students are given a yellow card explaining their protest and providing statistics about the mistreatment of LGBTQ+ students in schools.

GSA Participates in National Day of Silence

Ben Hughes, Production Editor, Executive Producer April 21, 2022

MHS may seem quieter than usual Friday, April 22. Some students are participating in a nation-wide movement organized by the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) that involves LQBTQ+ students...

A sunflower is the National flower of Ukraine and a symbol of resistance against Russian forces.

Families Feel Effects of Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Willem Hummel and Arpitha Sistla April 10, 2022

Loud explosions have taken over the once peaceful Romanian village where Yana Dragnev, junior, remembers visiting relatives. A recent Russian invasion of Ukraine has left many eastern European cities...

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