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Finals Are Not Always Necessary

 Most students are celebrating the holidays with their families, going on vacations, spending time with friends or taking time for themselves during break. Students are simply giving themselves a much needed and deserved break. A final after a long break is just setting students up to fail when they get back.
Grace Taylor, Social Media Editor January 11, 2021

ACT, Clean Up Your “Act”

Juniors received a sample ACT test and scoring instructions in the mail by MHS in the fall in preparation for the school administered ACT on March 2.
Mason Kellerman, Illustrator January 11, 2021

Why I Speak Up, Even With A Stutter

According to the National Stuttering Association, an estimated 1% of adults in the U.S. stutter, with stuttering being three to four times more common among males than females.
Zara Tola, Copy Editor January 7, 2021

Support Small Businesses Over Amazon

Unlike small businesses, Amazon surged during the pandemic. According to the article “Amazon doubles quarterly profit despite Covid-19 costs” by the Financial Times, in the second quarter (April-June), the company had a net income of 5.2 billion. Clearly during the midst of the chaos, Amazon is doing just fine, while small business owners are only trying to make ends meet.
Grace Taylor, Social Media Editor December 25, 2020

Winter Break is a Mental and Physical Vacation

Traveling over winter break has been the source of much controversy, but the affects of this sort of getaway can be beneficial for both the mental and physical health of students and faculty.
Marin Ellington, Co-Sports Editor December 23, 2020

It’s Time to Execute the Death Penalty

The nation is running out of time to end federal executions and abolish the death penalty and strive towards a sense of humanity and dignity in the criminal justice system. The legacy of the U.S. is stained by the unprecedented rate of barbaric federal executions onto the imprisoned that are not limited to the
Lauren Pickett, In-Depth Editor December 20, 2020
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