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Senior Sean Van Rens buys a ticket for Homecoming. Tickets are on sale for $20 in the theater lobby.
MHS Plans for a New Type of Homecoming
Annie Alcorn (she/her) , Staff Reporter • 2 days ago

Instead of a herd of students in the Commons, this year students will be dancing on the football field under the stadium lights for Homecoming this Saturday.  “We...

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RSD Responds to CDC Lifting Mask Mandate
Lajja Patel, Co-Features Editor • June 2, 2021
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Head bowed, eyes looking down and shoulders hunched over is the stressed demeanor of my body while filling out college applications. The overwhelming feeling of the college process is one of the toughest aspects of senior year.
The College Process is Too Demanding
Lajja Patel (she/her), Features Editor • September 14, 2021

It’s senior year.  The dreadful feeling of coming to school five days a week vanishes as I find myself cruising through the day going from...

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Teens Deserve Better Employment Benefits
Ben Hughes (he/him), Production Editor & Executive Producer • September 13, 2021
Redressing the Dress Code
Mason Kellerman (he/him), Illustrator, Web Designer • September 3, 2021
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Jeff Wissman, custodian, holds up a book that he illustrated. This is the third book Wissman has illustrated. He loves making  whimsical and colorful illustrations. Wissman said his kindgergarten teacher catapulted his interest for art by complementing his drawing in class, and he recalls the teachers saying she liked what he did and the colors he chose to use.
Custodian Illustrates Children's Book
Anika Talyan (she/her) , A&E Editor • 33 minutes ago

In spring of 2020, Brian McKanna, author of "The Big Purple Tree,” found a notebook from his high school years at Lafayette. Seven years ago, during high school, McKanna had pitched his idea...

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Tickets for Homecoming 2021 are on sale for $20 next week.
Homecoming: A Survival Guide 
Rue Siddiqui (she/her), Co-Online Editor • September 16, 2021

With Homecoming week upon us, it seems as though everywhere I look I see Mustangs in a panic. Their panic isn’t without reason.  As a result...

Seniors Wear Little Kid Backpacks
Marin Ellington (she/her), Editor-in-Chief • September 14, 2021
Tips for Coping with School Stress
Emmie Foley , Illustrator • May 18, 2021
The Rise of Crumbl Cookies
Annie McGinnis , Co-Sports Editor • May 17, 2021
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