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Jennifer Holman (left) and Jacqueline Lindner (right), teachers at MHS, dress up for "December to Remember" spirit week.
Teachers Discuss Views On In-person School
Aarushi Bute, News Editor • 42 minutes ago

When Jane Doe, teacher at MHS, whose name has been changed to protect her identity, first thought of the 2020-2021 school year, she felt excitement, optimism and eagerness...

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While it is tempting to disregard the virus and attend these gatherings, it is important to remember that your actions could have serious consequences.
Partying in a Pandemic
Rutaiba Siddiqui, Social Media Editor • 5 minutes ago

On New Year’s Eve, I was disappointed to see how many of my classmates were attending parties with more than 50 people while also not following safety precautions. Unfortunately,...

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Schools have an obligation to prioritize students’ mental and emotional health, affording them equitable access to mental health services and mandatory lessons, events and information, whether or not the student is attending virtually or in-person. RSD and MHS must serve as role models and demonstrate that the importance of students wellbeing outweighs their academic performance, so young people may grow to value the importance of self-preservation and self-care.
Schools Must Offer & Normalize Mental Health Days
Lauren Pickett, In-Depth Editor • 1 hour ago

As a sophomore, I developed a daily routine: I’d wake up with an early morning depressive episode, suppress my hopelessness at school and end the day with a panic attack....

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President Donald Trump pushed his supporters to fight the election results that confirmed Joe Biden as winner of the presidential race. As this words instigated anarchy, social media platforms barred Trump from posting on their platforms indefinitely.
Editorial Board: Media Can Censor Inappropriate Speech
Editorial Board January 17, 2021

In the wake of the attack on the U.S. Capitol by President Donald Trump’s supporters, multiple social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have banned Trump’s...

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 Most students are celebrating the holidays with their families, going on vacations, spending time with friends or taking time for themselves during break. Students are simply giving themselves a much needed and deserved break. A final after a long break is just setting students up to fail when they get back.
Finals Are Not Always Necessary
Grace Taylor, Social Media Editor • January 11, 2021

Previously at the end of each semester, students' lives consisted of Bread Co. study sessions, little sleep and final review guides. Students were taking six to seven finals...

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Junior Jess Willsey works to fill an order for a customer of her baking business J Dubs Sweets. "I have had the thought of opening my own bake shop when I grow up for a few year now," Willsey said. "I always prioritize my orders over some of my fun personal things." Willsey
Students Discover Creative Ways to Make Money
Marin Ellington, Co-Sports Editor • 13 minutes ago

Junior Jess Willsey’s dream is to open her own bakery in Chicago, but for now she’s opening her own bakery out of her kitchen in Ballwin. Willsey used her free time during the stay-at-home...

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As the first month of the new year draws to a close, here are the Messenger
Friday Fives: 2021 Fashion Trends
Mason Kellerman, Illustrator • 2 hours ago

After almost a year of being cooped up, students are predicted to start expressing themselves more than before through art, music and especially...

The 25th season of "The Bachelor" premiered Monday, Jan. 4, starring new bachelor Matt James. James makes his debut on "The Bachelor" franchise, looking for lasting love out of 32 single women.
Initial Thoughts -- ‘The Bachelor’, Season 25 Episode 1
Annie McGinnis, Co-Sports Editor • 5 days ago

Some may be skeptical of a relationship formed in just a few weeks. But, the popular dating and reality show "The Bachelor"’s new bachelor...

According to Netflix, 86% of viewers liked Death to 2020 -- likely earning it a higher general approval rating than the year itself.
Movie Review: Death to 2020
Peyton Rubenstein, Page Designer • January 17, 2021

A year of impeachments, pandemics and protests is brought back to life through the Netflix mockumentary “Death to 2020,” which describes...

As MHS progresses into 2021, the Messenger identifies various resolutions that can be carried into the new year. The following changes are benefactors to your overall health and wellness in this week
Friday Fives: New Year’s Resolutions
Carter Van Buskirk, Features Editor • January 15, 2021

As MHS progresses into 2021, the Messenger identifies various resolutions that can be carried into the new year. The following changes are benefactors...

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