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At the Thursday, Nov. 18, Board of Education (BOE) meeting, parents attended to voice their concerns regarding a variety of topics. A few parents applauded at the close of each comment. Jason Moore, RSD parent, spoke up about his dislike of the materials being taught at schools. I did not feel comfortable reading what I saw, Moore said at the meeting. Rethink how this district is being led.
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Stephanie Lei (she/her) and Arpitha Sistla (she/her) • 6 days ago

Road Salt can contaminate drinking water, kill or endanger wildlife with high chloride levels and increase soil erosion, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Kathryn Lopez, a PhD student researching the impact of road salt, said this substance can create infrastructure problems as well. It’s a pretty widespread issue that a lot of water utilities are gonna be dealing with, Lopez said. [Her case study] had some issues with lead release in someone’s plumbing failure and breakdown of home appliances due to excessive salt contamination, and the mains source of salt we think is road salt because there is major winter storms and they have pretty frequent salting that happens.
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January 18, 2022

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