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Political Awareness through the Impeachment Inquiry

Students engage in discussion in Bauman's Politics and Conflict class.

Alayna Higdon, Staff Reporter

December 10, 2019

Since the beginning of the U.S. government, only three presidents have faced impeachment inquiries: Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. Out of those presidents, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton both were charged with impeachment, while Richard Nixon stepped down from office.  No pres...

Francis Howell School District files a lawsuit against JUUL

FHSD’s suit has not been responded to by JUUL, however the company is legally required to respond to all suits.

Mansi Mamidi and Waha Siddiqui

December 4, 2019

Francis Howell School District (FHSD) filed a lawsuit on Oct. 7 against JUUL Labs Inc. (JUUL) for intentional harm out of the district’s control, joining many other school districts throughout the country. This situation isn’t a class-action lawsuit, but rather a multi-district lawsuit, in which ...

Petition Circulates Throughout the District for Better Sex Education

Izabel Cockrum, junior, leads a discussion with students on their experiences with sex education in the RSD. Laura Dorris, junior, sits left of Cockrum.

Zara Tola, Data Journalist

November 19, 2019

Currently, a petition is being signed by students throughout the RSD in hopes of sparking a discussion and changes to the sex education curriculum  offered to students in the health classes. Izabel Cockrum, junior, has lead the movement at MHS to sign the petition in hopes of improving sex edu...

Missouri Model Addresses Trauma and Stress in Schools

Students from Mustangs for Mental Health listen to a presentation about suicide awareness.

Alayna Higdon, Staff Reporter

November 18, 2019

Dr. Terry Harris, executive director of student services at RSD, helped create a new model to be implemented in Missouri schools to help teachers and administrators be more cognizant of trauma and stress in the student body. He helped write about the model in the St. Louis Post Dispatch.  “Stud...

MHSNews | First Amendment Heroes

MHSNews | First Amendment Heroes

Katie Schowe, Staff Reporter

November 14, 2019

Students from across the St. Louis area were invited to the Thomas F. Eagleton U.S. Courthouse to interact with key figures involved in landmark 1st amendment court cases on November 7. Speakers included Lynne Jackson, as well as Cathy Frey and Mary Beth Tinker.

MHS Speech and Debate Compete in Francis Howell North Tournament

Prateek Gautam, junior, placed sixth in radio speaking and Arya Patri, freshman, placed second in novice original oratory. Arpitha Sistla, sophomore, placed second in poetry oratory interpretation and Aarushi Boinepally, junior, placed third in dramatic interpretation. Sarah George, junior, placed first in the original oratory event.

Kailin Zhang, Online Editor-in-Chief

November 8, 2019

Speech and Debate placed fifth in sweeps as a team at the Francis Howell North Speech Tournament Nov. 2.  Prateek Gautam, junior, placed sixth in radio speaking and Arya Patri, freshman, placed second in novice original oratory. Arpitha Sistla, sophomore, placed second in poetry oratory interpretat...

Photo Gallery: Safety Forum

 In the audience Rachel Narsh, who has three kids currently in the district, takes notes during the presentation. She was not only there as a parent but also as a writer for the West Newsmagazine. “I wish more parents had come,” Narch said. “It’s a big scary thing but I’m glad they are educating the staff and teachers on what to do and talking it through with the kids.”

Marta Mieze, Co-Editor-in-Chief

November 7, 2019

Casual for a Cause Breaks Past Records

Brittany Sharitz, language arts teacher, works on her computer in room 279. Sharitz helps organize the Casual for a Cause week and said she looks forward to the future of the fundraiser. “I’m really proud of Marquette and our staff that we have  been the school that has lead this for rockwood in previous years,” Sharitz said. “I do hope we maintain that leadership position.”

Austin Richard, Events Editor

November 5, 2019

Casual For a Cause week all started four years ago when the grandfather of Brittany Sharitz, language arts teacher, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Casual for a Cause, which was held between Oct. 21-25, is a week where teachers can donate $10 to the Alzheimer’s Association and in return, dress casually...

Has MHS Reached the Limit?

Students walking in the MHS halls.

Molly Sillitto, Staff Reporter

October 29, 2019

A common sight in the hallways of MHS are the very crowded hallways and stairwells during passing periods of the day. Many upperclassmen who have to make this journey through the hallways, like Zoe Ellis, theorized that the overcrowded stairwells would die down once underclassmen became more familiar with...

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