Song Review: Don’t Let It Break Your Heart

Louis Tomlinson released his new single, “Don’t Let It Break Your Heart,” Nov. 23 and I haven’t stopped screaming the lyrics since.

This song reminds me of the beautifully romantic stylings of One Direction, but with modern touches.

The melody and beautiful guitar riffs that fill this piece are so similar to those used in previous songs of Tomlinson’s but still carry this timeless appeal when paired with the lyrics in this song.

The song discusses the importance of carrying on when life hits you hard: “Whatever tears you apart, don’t let it break your heart.” With this, he instills a sense of empowerment in the fact that even when you are hurting so badly, you can still keep moving and be okay.

Tomlinson touches on the feelings of heartbreak as well.  He sings about the importance of continuing to fight to be happy even when the person who made you happiest is gone.

Heartbreak can be so complex and also cliche but Tomlinson’s take on it is unique and special.”

The most meaningful line is “doing better, doing better.” It’s so interesting to me how these four words have so much depth behind them. He doesn’t actually feel he is doing better. 

The repetition of the phrase creates this sense of reassuring oneself that you are in fact “doing better.” In reality, you might not be yet but the reassurance helps motivate you to keep going.

I have always been so impressed by Tomlinson’s ability to relate to his audience. He can accurately describe feelings and emotions in a way that relates directly to his audience. Heartbreak can be so complex and also cliche but Tomlinson’s take on it is unique and special. Not many people would say that after a break up you can’t “let it break your heart.” 

Tomlinson shows that you truly do have power over life and it is beyond inspiring.

I can’t wait for more of Tomlinson’s work and art to release. Tomlinson will be on tour in 2020 and will perform at the Pageant July 7.