Lehmann Wins Teacher of the Year


Media by Jordan Chazen

Holly Lehmann, math teacher, receives flowers and balloons on Feb. 20. Lehmann was nominated for and won Teacher of the Year.

While teachers across the building were working towards explaining problems, handing out tests and grading papers, balloons and celebrations were taking place in a nearby classroom.

Holly Lehmann, math teacher, was awarded Teacher of the Year on Feb. 20. She was surprised with the news early in the morning while working on planning with fellow teachers.

“It’s an honor and I hope the kids think I’m doing a good job,” Lehmann said. “This is my seventeenth or eighteenth year working here at Marquette so it’s nice to hear that I’m doing a good job.”

Lehmann said she loves working at MHS because it gives her the opportunity to work with students every single day. She loves collaborating with other teachers and serving as department chair in order to foster a positive learning environment.

“I know it sounds cheesy, but I really feel incredibly lucky to have everyone as my friends and coworkers,” Lehmann said.

Kyle Tournillon, senior, was one of the students who nominated Lehmann for Teacher of the Year. Although AP Calculus BC can be challenging, Tournillon said Lehmann does a fantastic job of ensuring everyone is involved in learning and she builds on important skills students may need in future careers.

“She’s kind of transitioning us to be ready for college math in a way that she makes it not nearly as structured and puts a lot more responsibility on us,” Tournillon said.

Tournillon was near Lehmann’s room when Teacher of the Year was announced, and he dropped by her room to congratulate her.

This is my seventeenth or eighteenth year working here at Marquette so it’s nice to hear that I’m doing a good job.”

— Holly Lehmann

While Tournillon said Lehmann already excels in teaching, he said he hopes this award can help inspire and motivate her to continue on through the years.

“She doesn’t try to baby any of us,” Tournillon said. “Sometimes you’re not going to understand material and you’re going to fail some tests, but she makes it so that we learn from it.”

Associate Principal Dr. Steve Hankins said Teacher of the Year awards are not only a honor  among fellow teachers, but is also an honor to be nominated by the students.

“It’s a validation that what they’re doing is noticed,” Dr. Hankins said. “A lot of times teachers spend a lot of hours outside of school, one-on-one and helping kids out, so it’s nice to be recognized.”

While the award aims to celebrate teachers, Dr. Hankins said student nominations also allow students to be a part of the process and promotes student input to support the teachers who have impacted their lives in a positive way.

Dr. Hankins said Lehmann is a teacher leader for the math department and embodies the values and characteristics that the school environment promotes.

“She spends countless hours helping kids before and after school, and builds strong relationships with students,” Dr. Hankins said. “She’s really deserving of the award and I’m happy for her.”