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Marin Ellington

Marin Ellington, Editor in Chief

Marin Ellington (she/her), senior, is the Editor in Chief of the Marquette Messenger. In addition to her involvement in student journalism at Marquette, she is an active member of National Honors Society, M-Crew and is a Student Council senator. Outside of Marquette, Marin enjoys developing her creative writing skills through poetry and short stories. As an avid reader, she often finds herself surrounded by a wide array of books, and she relishes in the opportunity to spend time with friends and family.

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Over spring break, several MHS groups, including Orchestra, traveled to Europe. While some groups stayed in one city, Orchestra traveled to several different countries to perform and sight see. Each performance was so unique and amazing. Our first performance in Budapest was a little nerve racking because there were a lot more people than we anticipated, Annelise Blanke, junior, said. The next performance in Vienna was even better because the church we played in was huge and such a beautiful place. It was also very echo which was hard to play in but also so rewarding to hear that sound.

European Enrichment

Marin Ellington, Editor-in-Chief
April 15, 2022
Q&A With Dr. Daniel Hurewitz

Q&A With Dr. Daniel Hurewitz

Marin Ellington, Editor in Chief
March 7, 2022

[Photo] Shortage Central

Marin Ellington (she/her), Editor in Chief
January 18, 2022
Ally Fitzgerald said it was a dream come true to sign for University of Colorado Boulder to continue her basketball career.

[Photo] Senior Signs To Play Division I Basketball

Taryn Moore (she/her), Sports Editor
November 30, 2021
Abigail Messina, senior, participated in early release at MHS where she attended classes through St. Louis Community College. Messina was able to make this decision and miss her senior soccer season after having committed to play soccer at St. Ambrose University in the fall.

Seniors are Graduating Early

Marin Ellington, Co-Sports Editor
May 18, 2021
Busch Stadium reopened for the start of the baseball season with only a small percentage of their total capacity. Seating was pretty spread out, Adam Withinton, senior, said. I definitely want to go to more games this season. Hopefully itll be max capacity.

Masks Up; Batter Up

Marin Ellington, Co-Sports Editor
May 8, 2021
During a virtual volleyball college showcase, college coaches view the athletes through live streams that do not allow for them to properly judge the players.

Virtual College Showcases

Marin Ellington, Co-Sports Editor
April 9, 2021
While the dismissal protocol calls for staggered dismissal of each floor, passing periods do not have that same regimen.

Dismissal Protocol Needs to Change

Marin Ellington, Co-Sports Editor
March 23, 2021
With same day deadlines, assignments turned in even a minute past midnight are considered late regardless of the fact that class wont be in session for another two days.

Same Day Deadlines Need to Go

Marin Ellington, Co-Sports Editor
March 19, 2021
Carsyn Cosman, junior, takes advantage of the pool access to improve during practice Friday, Dec. 11. Cosman said limited access to pools last spring and summer challenged her. I feel I am set back a little bit from last season, Cosman said.

Swim and dive begin season after win

Marin Ellington, Co-Sports Editor
December 25, 2020
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