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Liza Cooper

Liza Cooper, Opinions Editor

Liza Cooper, senior, is the Opinions Editor for the Marquette Messenger. This is her third year on staff. Liza loves to travel, take pictures, and be with her friends and family.

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Jordan Stinehagen, senior, finished snowboarding down a slope at Hidden Valley in Feb 4. Stinehagen started snowboarding this year after skiing since he was a young kid.

[Photo] Snowboarders Shred Slopes

Jacob Robinson, Co-Sports Editor
February 16, 2023
Even with aniridia, a rare eye condition in which an individual has a complete or partial absence of a pupil in their eyes, senior Austin Johnson is dominant at the bowling lanes. Ive adapted to it pretty well, he said.

Lack of Recognition for Bowling Club

Liza Cooper, Opinions Editor
December 12, 2022
Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 7.41.29 PM

[Photo] Quizlet Plus curtails studying

Prashu Sidella, Co-Online Editor
December 5, 2022
Although America does have some gun regulations in place, our country needs to update its laws to fit the time we are living in.

Opinion: America Must Change Gun Laws

Liza Cooper (she/her), Opinions Editor
December 17, 2021
After months of construction, the MHS tennis courts have been completed. The delay in renovating the courts caused stress on behalf of many players, coaches and parents.

Tennis Court Construction Causes Frustration

Liza Cooper (she/her), Opinions Editor
November 29, 2021
The added stress of having to pick a career field or job right now is weighing down on many high school students shoulders. I believe that there should be less emphasis on knowing exactly what career field one wants to pursue right now and more emphasis on the exploration of potential jobs.

Opinion: No, I Don’t Know What I Want to Do

Liza Cooper (she/her), Opinions Editor
November 11, 2021
Although the media has been publicizing the case of Gabby Petito, there are other missing women in America whose disappearances need to be front-page news too.

Opinion: All Missing Women Deserve Justice

Liza Cooper (she/her), Opinions Editor
October 29, 2021
Since nearly three quarters of all high school teens report feeling stressed out by schoolwork, schools need to introduce initiatives to help students cope with school-related stress. I believe that RSD should implement mental health days to give students time to relax.

Mental Health Days are Necessary for Student Wellness

Liza Cooper (she/her), Opinions Editor
October 24, 2021
Many Americans take their unrestricted access to literature for granted, not recognizing the power behind this freedom. The First Amendment allows US citizens to have freedom to read anything they want without censorship.

Banned Books Week Highlights Students’ Freedom to Read

Liza Cooper (she/her), Opinions Editor
October 6, 2021
For many children and young adults born after 2001, 9/11 seems like history. To me, it is very much real. The impact this event has had on my family and life shape my every day life.

It Could Have Been Us: Why 9/11’s Legacy is Important to Me

Liza Cooper (she/her), Opinions Editor
September 11, 2021
Politicians should be famous for one thing: their ability to lead. Celebrities such as Caitlyn Jenner and Kanye West, well-known for their success in the entertainment industry, are now trying to convert their clout into campaign fuel. It just doesnt add up.

Stardom Does not Equal Success in Politics

Liza Cooper (she/her), Opinions Editor
September 9, 2021
Previously strictly enforced mask mandates are being repealed in many states, including Texas, Mississippi, and Montana. I believe it is necessary to enforce mask mandates to protect the downward trend of COVID-19 cases.

Mask Mandates Are a Must

Liza Cooper, Co-Features Editor
April 5, 2021
Juniors taking the ACT this year get extra peace and quiet. Freshmen, sophomores, and seniors will be virtual while the juniors come to school and take the test.

Juniors Take ACT on a Virtual Day

Liza Cooper, Staff Reporter
March 2, 2021
Previously just a normal bodily function, sneezing is now considered taboo activity during the pandemic.

Sneezing Stigma

Liza Cooper, Staff Reporter
February 17, 2021
Joe Biden’s inaugural address, full of promises of hope and plans for our nation’s future, provides a sharp contrast to the despairing riots by Pro-Trump supporters just two weeks earlier.

Calm After the Storm

Liza Cooper, Staff Reporter
February 7, 2021

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