Show Choir Hosts 19th Annual Clinic


Media by Marquette Choir

The choir will host their annual clinic for elementary and middle schoolers on Monday, Jan. 16. “I hope [the kids] have a good time and enjoy the experience and maybe when it’s time for them to look at high school, they look at being a part of our choral program,” Jason Winter, choir teacher, said.

Show choir will host their 19th annual choir clinic on Monday, Jan. 16, for students in first to eighth grades.

The clinic will begin at noon and costs $30 for each participant. The money raised by the clinic will help support the show choir team through competition season.

Hannah Shockley, senior, said that current show choir students will be put into groups of six or seven to mentor different grade levels of children. The show choir students and their mentees will come up with a dance to a song of their choice.

“It’s really a lot of fun,” Shockley said. “I love to see the little kids trying. They think it’s so cool.”

To just have fun is our main goal. We’ll learn a dance, but also being in a group with people and having a really good time makes them want to do choir later.

— Matthew Baldwin

One of the aims of the clinic is to encourage elementary and middle school students to consider joining show choir when they enroll in high school classes, Shockley said.

“It’s really important for us to show what the choir’s all about so we can recruit,” she said.

Matthew Baldwin, sophomore, said he focuses on showing the kids a good time.

“To just have fun is our main goal,” he said. “We’ll learn a dance, but also being in a group with people and having a really good time makes them want to do choir later.”

The clinic isn’t only for the kids — show choir students also get something out of it, Baldwin said.

“I just like sharing what we do,” he said. “It’s just what we love doing — performing not just for the little kids but people who will just come and want to see it.”

Jason Winter, choir teacher, anticipates the clinic will be beneficial to both current and prospective students.

“For our current students, my hope is that they will have an opportunity to learn kind of what it’s like to be in charge of a group of students,” Winter said. “Hopefully that will give them an opportunity to figure out if that might be something that they would be interested in pursuing.”

At the end of the day on Jan. 16, each grade level will present their song and dance in the theater for family members and anyone else in attendance.