College Decision Day

Students wear college gear to represent their decisions


Media by Liza Cooper

Today, May 1, marks National Decision Day, when high school seniors are supposed to be making their last choices regarding college. From left to right, seniors Madi Bode, Lauren McGauley, Kahley Sheen and Cece Kreh represent their future colleges on National Decision Day.

Yesterday, May 1 was National Decision Day, or the final day to enroll and accept an offer of admission from a college. 

After May 1, universities will evaluate their admitted class and if they have spots available now, because students declined the offer of admission, that’s when they will start to look at their waitlist and determine whether or not they can pull anyone off of that and offer them admission,” Paula Ake, college counselor, said.

This year, students were asked in a message on Parent Square to wear gear promoting the colleges they will attend next year, regardless of if they made their decision earlier in the year or waited until yesterday.

We love the banners in the Commons that really showcase the variety of schools our students are attending. We absolutely love to see it because we’re just as proud as you all are.

— Paula Ake

Ake said she enjoys seeing students represent their next steps on Decision Day, whether that be by wearing college gear, military gear or other clothes signifying their future plans.

“We absolutely love to see it because we’re just as proud as you all are,” Ake said.

Cece Kreh, senior, made her college decision in March and is going to the University of South Carolina (USC). She had two schools she was interested in, but the deciding factor was USC’s campus. 

“It was definitely a hard decision because it’s super far away from here,” Kreh said. “It’s like a 12-hour drive, so that made it difficult.”

Kreh plans to major in marketing at USC next fall and is excited about her decision.

“I’m just excited to meet new people from different places with different experiences,” Kreh said.

Aadit Keswani, senior, decided he was going to Ohio State University (OSU) last week. Keswani said his decision-making process was not simple, as he was stuck between two schools, OSU and Purdue. 

I’m just excited to meet new people from different places with different experiences,

— Cece Kreh

“I ultimately chose Ohio over Purdue because they gave me more money and my major at Ohio is more of what I wanted to do,” Keswani said.

Keswani plans to major in computer science and information science next year. But for now, he is enjoying his last month of high school, especially Decision Day.

“The day is fun because I enjoy seeing where everyone’s going,” Keswani said.