Homecoming events postponed due to COVID-19


Media by Grace Watters

(Pictured) Grace Watters and her friends attended the Homecoming dance last year. “Homecoming for me was seeing my friends and being able to see everyone’s smile,” Watters said.

For the 2020-2021 school year, all Homecoming events have been pushed back due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Senior Burton Brandt, president of Student Council (STUCO), plans Homecoming along with the rest of the club. They are in charge of designing spirit days, decorating and hiring companies to help with hosting events. 

“We have begun planning spirit days to act as if Homecoming was still happening to give students some sort of normalcy,” Brandt said. 

Brandt said the goal is to have these spirit days once a quarter, online or in-person. 

As a large school, having a virtual dance or an in-person dance isn’t possible right now due to COVID-19 restrictions, Brandt said. 

Brandt said it is a good idea that Homecoming events are being postponed rather than canceled so students have something to look forward to. 

Grace Watters, sophomore, attended her first Homecoming dance, along with other Homecoming events last year. Because of the pandemic, she is a little weary of having a dance.

“Everyone should be required to wear masks,” Watters said. “There’s no way that Marquette students will stay six feet apart.” 

However, Watters is glad the dance is being pushed back, as it has given her something to look forward to. 

“Homecoming for me was seeing my friends and being able to see everyone’s smile,” Watters said.

Principal Dr. Stephen Hankins said the dance was postponed because large gatherings during this time are unsafe according to county guidelines. Currently, there is no set reschedule date for the Homecoming dance or other events. 

Hankins said the hope is to schedule a dance and other events once county guidelines permit doing so. 

We would do everything necessary to ensure student safety, our normal procedures and then implement any additional guidelines that the county health department requires,” Hankins said.