Student Spotlight: Ryan Bush

Ryan Bush, sophomore, plays lacrosse for MHS. As the season approaches, he anticipates a great season.


“The team is looking really good this year. Both varsity and JV seem like they will be successful,” Bush said.


Bush hopes to be a leader and possibly captain on the JV team this season.


“I used to play baseball but I didn’t make the team freshman year, so I started playing lacrosse freshman year, and I’ve liked it a lot since then,” Bush said.


He enjoys sharing the field with many of his friends, including Joe Jung, Matt Hummel, Danny Mazzier, Justin Williams, and Nolan Elias.


“Everyone is friends with each other. People actually get along, like no one hates anyone,” Bush said. “Even with the age differences on all the teams, everyone is friendly to each other.


When he isn’t on the lacrosse field, Bush is heavily involved with Honors classes and enjoys hanging out with friends and family.


Bush has two (2) brothers and one (1) sister, all of who attended MHS.


“My closest brother is nine (9) years older than me. Its been kind of cool because they aren’t really like siblings, they are more like parents because there is so much age,” joked Bush.