MHS wins in soccer against Timberland

The 10-2 MHS faced off Wednesday, October 1st against Timberland. The match was a part of the Gateway City Soccer Classic. The Mustangs won the game 4-0. Forward Jacob Krupp, senior, scored a hat trick, while winger Ian Barger, sophomore, also scored on a header in the first half.

“In the first twenty we were sort of sluggish up front, but we started connecting passes and got things rolling eventually,” Krupp said. “Our offence just clicked.”

Krupp is the team’s leading scorer thus far, with 11 goals and 3 assists. The team is also impressing defensively, with yet another shutout. Marquette’s defense, led by seniors Matt Wagoner, Joel Perkins, and goalie Nick Bertich, have been rock solid.

“Our defense was really tuned in to the game,” back CJ Waldner, junior, said. “Matt Wagoner did really well and anchored our defense.”

Lead by their seniors, the soccer team has been on a roll lately and are currently on a five game win streak.

“Krupp, Matt, and Joel played good,” midfielder AJ Rudolph, junior, said. “Without them, we wouldn’t have won as easy as we did.”

Rudolph also contributed to the game, getting an assist with his cross that led to Barger’s header.

“The cross was set up perfectly by Seili,” Rudolph said. “And then I just put it in and gave someone a chance and Ian took it and scored.”

With both offence and defense on the same page, the team is focused on winning. They have had back to back 4-0 wins, and look to advance in the Gateway City Soccer Classic tournament when they play Hickman High on Friday, October 3rd.

“The team is really connecting right now, and we are playing up to our potential,” Waldner said. “Hopefully we can keep this up.”