Parking Lot Entrance to be Added Next Year


Media by Annabelle Miller

A new entrance to the student parking lot will be added here over the summer. Dr. Dan Ramsey said it will help eliminate traffic and allow parents easier access to the pick up areas. “I’m so excited because I’ve fought for this road, and we need it,” Dr. Ramsey said.

As Natalie Danner, junior, walks out to her parking spot, she sees the long line of students aggressively trying to drive out of the parking lot.

“I would literally have to scramble and sprint to my car if I wanted to get out on time,” Danner said.

Students cut Danner off as she tries to leave the parking lot, often trapping her in her space as cars line up for at least 10 minutes.

It takes Danner about 20 minutes to exit the lot while her brother, freshman Joey Danner, makes it home on the bus before her.

I would literally have to scramble and sprint to my car if I wanted to get out on time.

— Natalie Danner

To address this parking lot problem, a new entrance will be added to the parking lot this summer to be open next school year.

A small section of road will be built to connect the upper part of the parking lot to the Clarkson entrance road, Sophomore Principal Dr. Dan Ramsey said. The road will mainly serve as an entrance for parents picking up students.

Parents can enter the lot through the new entrance, Dr. Ramsey said, and then drive toward the football field for pick up. The new road will take traffic pressure away from the bottleneck exit nearest to Clarkson Road.

“People can’t seem to turn in and turn out of there at the same time,” Dr. Ramsey said.

Dr. Ramsey said the idea came to him during freshman parent orientation four years ago and he has fought for the allocation of funds for the update since.

“It will totally change the traffic next year,” Dr. Ramsey said.

It will totally change the traffic next year.

— Dr. Dan Ramsey

Zach Tracy, senior, has been navigating the parking lot for two years.

“If I’m not one of the first ones out there, I’m just stuck there until everyone else is out,” Tracy said.

The new entrance, he said, will help decrease congestion and get everyone out of the parking lot sooner.

“It makes it easier for a lot to have that second option to enter,” Tracy said.