Is Black Friday Worth It?


Media by Chloe Schmitt

Energy drink sale at Schnucks.

Zoe Bartlow, sophomore, had a number of interesting finds when she went Black Friday shopping at Menards, among them a blowtorch for only $3 and a Dolce & Gabbana perfume for $13 that normally retails for around $145.

This Black Friday fell on November 25, with constant sales online, most decided to stay home. Despite this, however, Bartlow opted to do her shopping in person.

“I think it’s really enjoyable because I’m the kind of person that enjoys going shopping,” Bartlow said. “I like seeing all the people and cool things they have.”

Bartlow shopped for both Christmas gifts and personal items and ended up spending about $80.

“It makes me want to go Black Friday shopping again next year, I think it was worth it,” Bartlow said.

This Black Friday also marks the first time many high schoolers have had fixed incomes to spend. Kara Miller, junior, said her new job at Skyzone has helped her save money for the day. 

“I have a job now, and so I have my own money that wasn’t just my allowance that I could use, so I ended up spending $300,” Miller said.

Miller, who purchased YouTuber merchandise as well as early Christmas gifts for her sibling, said she greatly enjoys Black Friday shopping.

I think that it’s pretty neat, It comes right before Christmas and it gets people spending money they probably shouldn’t be spending.

— Kara Miller

“I think that it’s pretty neat,” Miller said. “It comes right before Christmas and it gets people spending money they probably shouldn’t be spending. It’s just fun and chaotic and I like how crazy it is. I like that I can not spend money for most of the year, and then one day spend all of the money.”

Miller also said she appreciates how easy it is to shop online.

“I was just laying down, and I had planned it all out too, all of the money, and how much money I would have after,” Miller said.

On the other hand, Sophia No, sophomore, does not enjoy Black Friday shopping.

“I don’t think Black Friday shopping is worth it because there are deals year-round,” No said. “With online shopping, it’s taking away the appeal. Online shopping also makes it easy for people which sensory issues to shop and still get access to deals.”

Gabby Kensy, junior, said she prefers online shopping because of the potential dangers of going in person. 

“I enjoy doing it online because I can stay away from that danger and it makes it easier,” Kensy said.

Kensy also enjoys all of the discounts and how easy it has gotten to shop online.

“I tend to go on small websites and Etsy because they tend to mark things down by a lot,” Kensy said.