New Teacher Profile: Susan Hartley


Media by Tanner Rojewski

Susan Hartley teaches physical science and chemistry.

Susan Hartley, science teacher, has been teaching for five years in Arizona before coming to MHS. She teaches physical science and chemistry. Along with teaching, Hartley enjoys cooking, gardening and watching her favorite TV shows: “The Big Bang Theory” and “Friends”.


Why did you come to MHS?

“I was in Arizona before and my family lives in the area. I’ve been trying to get back to live near them, so my babies can grow up with their cousins. I can grow up with my brother so that we kind of the driving force behind it. But MHS was a really good option and I really liked the school itself. 


Why do you enjoy teaching?

“It’s the students; they make it fun. I don’t teach the same thing over and over again. The students are the ones that are interesting, they say the things that come out of their mouths and it always makes it a good day.”


What was your first impression of MHS?

“I love MHS. It feels like home which is interesting being a new teacher to a new school. I fit right in. Everyone has been welcoming and the students seem great and they work hard. I really love it.”


What do you hope your students gain from your teaching?

“I hope they have fun in class. Not every day is about science, but they can take away the fact that you can go to school and can enjoy it and learn something along the way.”