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Q & A: Resource Officer Works PGA Championship

Q & A: Resource Officer Works PGA Championship

Alyssa Shellabarger, Staff Reporter

September 3, 2018

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The 100th Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) Championship took place from Aug. 9-12 at Bellerive Country Club, eight miles from MHS. Multiple members of the MHS community witnessed the event, but School Resource Officer Steve Aspinall was not a member of the crowd. Aspinall’s supervisor, one of...

Athlete Profile: Allison Licavoli

Athlete Profile: Allison Licavoli

Camryn Kesselring and Kailin Zhang

March 6, 2017

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Heading into her freshman year, Alison Licavoli, senior, faced a difficult decision regarding which sport to commit to play. She’d played soccer for most of her life but wasn't as passionate for the sport as she used to be. Her grandparents suggested she try out for tennis. Her father, ...

Play like a girl: Varsity girls golf, varsity girls tennis remain undefeated

Play like a girl: Varsity girls golf, varsity girls tennis remain undefeated

Greg Svirnovskiy and Ryan Berger

September 23, 2015

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The varsity girls tennis and golf teams have each started the season in perfecT fashion, winning every single match to date. Girls tennis lost to Lafayette 4-5 in Conference last year, but succeeded in beating Lafayette 6-3 this year. The team also won the Parkway Central Regional Tournament and has remained undefeated all season. ...

Spring Preview: Boys golf

JP Morray and Cade McDonald, Assistant Online Sports Editor; Business Manager

March 12, 2015

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Spring is approaching which means golf season will soon be in full swing.  In Frankie Thomas, junior’s mind, last year was a success.  Thomas finished the season with a 4th place finish at the State tournament. “Unfortunately last year we only had one person qualify for the State tournament...

Golfer fundraises through birdies

October 8, 2014

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Donating money while doing something you love is a two in one. This is the case for Sarah Lewis, Freshman, who plays on the golf team. During the summer of 2011, Lewis’s dad had a major stroke that left him with severe brain damage. She then had the great idea to incorporate playing golf and helping...

Golfer plays in Nationals

Golfer plays in Nationals

Alec Baris, Page Designer

September 15, 2014

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To find Frankie Thomas, Junior, at any point this past summer, you’d have to go to the Meadowbrook Country Club driving range. Thomas said he spent most of his time perfecting his technique on the range. “I practiced pretty much five to six times a week, and I would work out afterwards,”...

Athlete Profile: Frankie Thomas

April 16, 2014

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Twelve Years is a long time to play a sport, especially when you plan to continue throughout the rest of your life. Frankie Thomas, sophomore, has been playing golf since he was three years old, “It’s a game where the worst player in the world can play and compete fairly against the best player...

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