Athlete Profile: Allison Licavoli


Heading into her freshman year, Alison Licavoli, senior, faced a difficult decision regarding which sport to commit to play.

She’d played soccer for most of her life but wasn’t as passionate for the sport as she used to be.

Her grandparents suggested she try out for tennis.

Her father, who had played golf all throughout high school and college, encouraged her to try out for golf.

Much to his delight, she fell in love with the game.

“My dad has been my biggest fan,” she said. “He’s gone to every single tournament and match I’ve played in and is very supportive of me.”

Although she has constantly missed school, with an average of one full day per week during the season, and has had to dedicate extra time to her studies and homework due to tournaments, matches, and practices daily after school, she wouldn’t change a thing.

“Golf has given me the opportunity to meet new friends and the ability to make my mark on Marquette,” Licavoli said.

Her name is now permanently engraved on the board in the Gym for winning State with her “second family” in 2015. She said she worked really hard to accomplish this life goal. Licavoli went through major personal development at practice aimed to improve her short game and decrease the number of strokes on the putting green, which she said made a big difference at State. She was overcome with joy when she first saw her name on the board.

Licavoli continued her success into her senior year as well. Her team remained undefeated throughout the season and placed second at Sectionals. They also made it to State, where they placed sixth place and they were champions at Conference.                   

Throughout high school, Licavoli has been able to improve her time management skills and learn the importance of planning ahead on assignments, skills she said she will be able to incorporate into all aspects of her life while still playing the sport she loves.

Licavoli is set on continuing her passion for golf; however, she has decided to join a club team rather than play for a university. Although she loves the sport, she knows she needs to put her education above all else and dedicate time for her future.

She plans on attending school at Auburn University Alabama her freshman year and will study civil engineering, using what she’s learned in in high school to balance her sport and education once again in college, and for the rest of her life.