Lenox Commits to South Dakota State University

Kenzie Winstead, Photography Editor

Kelsey Lenox, junior, just cannot be stopped. Just weeks after breaking both the records for the most Runs Batted In (RBI)  and Home Runs in a single season, Lenox has committed to South Dakota State.

Lenox has been a catcher on the varsity softball team for the past three years and playing with St. Louis Chaos for the past five years.

After looking at South Dakota University, University of Evansville, Truman State University, and Lindenwood University, Lenox found the brightest future in South Dakota.

“The facilities were great for all of the academics and athletics and I really enjoy all of the coaches and the team at South Dakota State.” Lenox, said. “I liked how everything at the campus was very close knit together, it just felt like home when I got there.”

Though the specifics of her scholarship are private for now, it seems Lenox received a great deal.

“For my athletics, I got a very good deal. They will be providing a generous percentage of my tuition and stack my academics on top that.” Lenox said.