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Shelly Justins Black Literature class creates posters for Black History Month. Throughout the semester, the students will read literature written by Black authors. A similar class is the topic of controversy in the Francis Howell School District.
In Defense of Black Literature
Editorial BoardFebruary 12, 2024

Francis Howell North High School students organized a walk-out on Thursday, Jan. 18, in response to proposed changes to the curriculum of their...

Taylor Swift, TIME Person of the Year, made multiple headlines in the past few months for her connection to Travis Kelce, tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs.
Opinion: Taylor Swift Has Been Nothing but Beneficial to NFL
Zoey Srote, Staff Reporter • February 8, 2024

With the Kansas City Chiefs now Super Bowl LVIII bound, the Baltimore Ravens’ loss after securing a spot in the second round of the NFL playoffs...

Black students face a major achievement gap in regard to advanced placement courses, as a result of racial biases and curriculum-based limitations that negatively impact their academic performance.
Opinion: Racial Bias Affects Academic Performance
Justin Small, Page Designer • January 25, 2024

I remember the day I decided to look around at MHS. I noticed that in all of my higher-level honors and AP classes, very few people looked like...

Jason Winter, choir teacher, talks with his 4th hour class during their break-time, which occurs every 30 minutes. Monet Ballard, junior, said Winter’s class has been much more productive since the restorative periods were implemented.
Opinion: Students Need Breaks During Classes
David Moss, News Editor • January 4, 2024

Hasty passing times and a strict attendance policy have helped maintain safety and order at MHS. But when I find myself constantly rushing, working...

Canvas is one of the most used college interfaces and is seen in many Missouri universities, such as MIZZOU and St. Louis University. Blackboard is another popular site, while Google Classroom is rare to see in postsecondary institutions.
Opinion: RSD Canvas Investment is Valid
Editorial BoardJanuary 4, 2024

The Rockwood School District has decided to go all in on Canvas for the 2024-2025 school year. While Google Classroom has been students’...

Opinion: College Essays have Unreasonable Standards

Media by Layla Shockley
To get accepted into colleges, college essays need to “stand out” and “be unique.” But I know plenty of students just like me who work hard and get good grades, but haven’t been this extreme person.

One girl traveled to Uganda to help fight world hunger. Another guy made it to an Olympic robotics team.

These are examples of college essay topics written by extraordinary students.

Something I am not.

I started writing my college essay in September, by looking at example essays. I was shocked to find how many students wrote about extravagant accomplishments and achievements.

I have good grades and a good ACT score, but they aren’t perfect. I participate in extracurriculars, but I don’t compete on an Olympic level. I volunteer and participate in clubs, but I haven’t solved world hunger or climate change.

How was I supposed to write a college essay that stood out against these extravagant essays, when I’m “normal.”

To get accepted into colleges, college essays need to “stand out” and “be unique.” But I know plenty of students just like me who work hard and get good grades, but haven’t been this extreme person.

Lost, I turned to my tutor. She helped guide me through the stigma of unique essays and explained that my essay has to show who I am. It should show my personality and writing style in 600 words. She first had me find objects that represent myself or my personality. After that, I found a core value with a couple of different exercises she showed me. The two that stood out the most to her were ‘tap shoes’ and ‘growth.’

I wrote my essay about finding rhythm in life, and how I got through difficult situations or experiences by making/discovering a rhythm. Dance is a big part of my life, so we incorporated that with the tap shoes teaching me rhythm, and how I took that lesson and applied it to everyday things. I ended my piece with a narrative of how I now teach young girls to find rhythm with their tap shoes.

College essays don’t have to be crazy; they just have to show the best parts of yourself, while also hinting at some of your achievements.

It’s okay to be ordinary. Don’t be afraid to write about yourself, even if you haven’t changed the world.

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