Christmas is Not Being Celebrated too Early


Media by Mason Kellerman

Christmas stealing Thanksgiving's thunder.

When Halloween comes to an end and skeletons and pumpkins are put away, a new jingle arises in the distance. Jingle bells.

Every Nov. 1, Christmas lights are thrown onto roofs and jolly music is blasted on local radio stations.

Minted, an online marketplace company, surveyed 2,000 Americans and found that 3 in 10 subjects had no problem with seeing holiday decorations in stores before Thanksgiving or even Halloween.

With good harvest in the fall of 1621, William Bradford documented that the pilgrims of Plymouth planned to have a feast with all of their harvests to give thanks for the surplus of food. Joined by the natives, who had helped the pilgrims in hunting, fishing, and gathering, it was the peaceful encounter of thanks that created the concept of two cultures coming together.

The tradition still holds a place in America every fourth Thursday of November.

The positive outlook of Thanksgiving is the ideology of a whole day dedicated to being thankful for friends and family without the stresses of Secret Santas or gifts for friends. A day simply filled with chats around the dinner table and pumpkin pie: what could be better!

Even Scrooge found love in the winter holiday, so let others express their love for it too.”

But Thanksgiving is not a worldwide holiday. There are only a few select countries: the United States being the most-well know, that celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Even in the United States, some Americans disagree with the concept of Thanksgiving considering the amount of Native bloodshed that took place in the forming of America and therefore believe it should not be celebrated.

Though Thanksgiving is a special holiday and should not be overlooked or forgotten in its prime time, the Christmas spirit trumps over any type of spirit Thanksgiving has to offer and is much more all-around inclusive.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, mistletoe and Christmas feasts. The holiday of Christmas is certainly a magnificent one with numerous iconic festivities that will take course every year. One simply can’t beat the atmosphere of Christmas time. Everyone smiles a little bit more in the streets as December comes around the corner.

It is a time for joyous laughter, and though the stresses of holiday shopping are enough to give gray hairs, it is always worth it in the end with the amount of good memories created

So, let people celebrate Christmas any time they want. Thanksgiving is a beautiful holiday in many people’s hearts and can be dedicated completely to November. But the Christmas season is also an important one. Even Scrooge found love in the winter holiday, so let others express their love for it too.