Tour de Clarkson Rides Again


Media by Geoff Cooper

Seniors ride down Clarkson Road on the annual Tour de Clarkson, celebrating senior year. With a police escort, about 50 students rode bikes, golf carts and mowers to school.

Gathering in the Lifetime Fitness parking lot at 7:45 a.m., a herd of seniors on bikes, golf carts and even mowers prepared for the Tour de Clarkson, the annual tradition of senior boys taking alternative wheels to school. 

Ellot Barkofske, senior, joined the group with a bike, excited to participate in another senior activity.

“It’s a long time tradition and I wanted to do it with my friends,” said Barkofske, “I thought it would be fun, and it’s just another thing to add to the end of the year festivities.”

Sam Stremlau, senior, parked his bike in his usual parking spot at the start of the school day. (Media by Parker Brandt)

The herd went, with a police escort, down Clarkson Rd from Lifetime Fitness through the entrance of MHS, around the track and into the parking lot. 

“I’m sure it looked funny when there’s 50 bikes on Clarkson following a police escort,” Barkofske said.

Sam Stremlau, Senior Class president, planned the tour with Chase Heebs, senior, on Monday. He sent an email to Chesterfield police and talked to the School Resource Officer in advance.

“Just seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces and knowing that this is basically the last hoorah was my favorite,” Stremlau said.

Stang Gang announced on Instagram (@stang_gang_insta) the criteria for rides, telling everyone to bring anything non-traditional including bikes. 

Just seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces and knowing that this is basically the last hoorah was my favorite.

— Sam Stremlau

School Resource Officer Steve Aspinall led the group safely to MHS. 

“I made sure the intersections were shut down at Kehrs Mill and Clarkson Valley so we could get the kids through safely,” Officer Aspinall said.

The officers gathered the seniors and set ground rules, which included staying in the lanes and between police cars for safety. 

“Everyone was safe; no one was injured and that’s all we want,” Officer Aspinall said.

John Winka, senior, said the experience was enjoyable.

“Everybody helped out. If you didn’t have air in your tires, they would give you air. The police were very helpful and they escorted us,” Winka said. “It was just fun to have a big group of people riding bikes to school.”