Mustangs Mourn the Loss of Principal Carl Hudson

Mustangs are mourning the loss of Carl Hudson, senior principal, who passed away Wednesday, Dec. 15. 

Hudson has taught at MHS since the fall of 2010 and was an active member in the community both in and outside of the school. He served as an alderman for the city of Manchester, was an active sports fan and preached regularly in his church community. 

Senior principal, Carl Hudson (left)

Fellow staff members described him as a thoughtful loving person who would drop anything to help others and students remember him as a motivational supportive presence who worked to learn everyone’s name. 

“He was the friendliest and kindest person that I’ve ever worked with,” Sophomore Principal Dr. Rick Regina said. “Just a guy that had a lot of joy to give and a lot of love to give, and he did not mind sharing it.”

Dr. Regina said Hudson was someone who loved to joke around to show people he cared for them.

“Obviously a lot of great times between 8:28 and 3:17 and then even before school and after school: the conversations, the laughs we shared in his office, over the summer when there’s nobody else in the building,” Dr. Regina said. “Just an all in all great guy who had presence and who made me feel important.”

Rhonda Costa, senior office secretary, said Hudson was always an incredibly respectful and amazing person to work with.

“He cares about people,” Costa said. “His main thing, whenever he was out, was always ‘take care of our kids’. That’s all he cared about was that we took care of his kids.”

Principal Dr. Steve Hankins wrote in an email to the school Wednesday evening that counselors are available to anyone who needs them.

“This is going to be a difficult time of grief, particularly on the heels of what our school community has experienced over the past month. You and our staff will need assistance and support as we work through the grieving process,” Dr. Hankins wrote. “Please join me in wrapping our arms around each other and the Hudson family. Together, we will make it through this sorrowful and difficult time.

A memorial service will be held Sunday, Dec. 19 from 4 p.m. – 7 p.m. at Marquette High School.