Photo Gallery: Return to In-Person Learning

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  • Lockers have been zip-tied, following the announcement made by MHS to discontinue the use of lockers for the remainder of the semester.

  • Entrances to rooms such as the library have added check in desks to aid staff as RSD pushes for new contact tracing guidelines.

  • When in search of a book, MHS librarians take necessary book retrieval precautions to ensure the safety of students and staff.

  • MHS prohibits any students from browsing the library shelves by creating a blockade of tables, desks and chairs.

  • Brittany Sharitz, Librarian, informs students of library safety measures and new books added to the library’s collection.

  • Monique Johnson, custodian, continuously walks the school disinfecting areas of high contact. “It is important that every one stays safe. Wear a mask and be mindful,” she said.

  • Nutrition staff member works in the kitchen, cooking free meals for students to grab as they depart following dismissal.

  • RSD social distancing pads are placed outside office doors to ensure students remain socially distant.

  • Students work on their chromebooks during a German class.

  • Emily Thompson, french teacher, instructs her students from behind a clear barrier, ensuring safety for herself and students.

  • In an effort to decrease germs in the building, MHS has added yellow caution tape to show they cannot be used.

  • Students acquire free grab-and-go lunches from the commons after dismissal from class.

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