District Holds Welcome Reception for Next Year’s Superintendent


Incoming Superintendent Dr. Mark Miles laughs at a joke told by Superintendent Dr. Eric Knost during a welcome reception held at the RSD Administrative Annex on March 25.

While most people in the district had heard the name and seen the face of next year’s Superintendent Dr. Mark Miles, he had yet to get to know the district and its community.

On March 25, the district held a welcome reception for Dr. Miles where students, parents and staff could meet and get to know him. He spent his spring break away from his current district in Cincinnati, Ohio, Indian Hill Exempted Village School District, house hunting, touring schools and getting to know the Rockwood community.

He said his main goal coming into RSD is to ensure all students receive excellent access to the three As: academics, athletics and arts. He said he is looking forward to cheering on various sports teams and supporting each student’s dreams.

“As students enter our doors every single day, you bring with you dreams for the bright future and we, as staff members, support, guide and mentor you in that process,” Dr. Miles said. “An important role that I have is to really be a cheerleader, a champion for all of our students.”

Dr. Miles has three children, youngest of which is graduating high school this year so he said he can relate to the parents of RSD students. As Missouri natives, Dr. Miles and his wife Rebekah know that RSD has always had an outstanding reputation and that stood out and spoke to him.

“This opportunity to serve such an extraordinary community is a dream come true,” Dr. Miles said. “We feel like we’re coming home.”

This opportunity to serve such an extraordinary community is a dream come true.”

— Dr. Mark Miles

Dr. Miles said he finds Twitter an essential form of communication between administration, students and parents, and he plans on continuing the established relationship that current Superintendent Dr. Eric Knost has established.

“I think it’s very important that the superintendent is visible and accessible,” Dr. Miles said. “I recognize I have big shoes to fill and that he has accomplished so much in his time here so my hope is to continue to perpetuate that excellence throughout the district.”

Dr. Knost also attended the forum to pass off the torch. He said Dr. Miles has done a great job already familiarizing himself with the community and becoming the face of the district prior to next year.

He also assured those who attended that Dr. Miles will be a great superintendent and there is no need to worry.

“I approve,” Dr. Knost said. “You’ve got a good one.”

Students from all the RSD high school orchestras provided music during the event. One of those students was Sarah Yoo, junior.

She said she thought performances from each school was a great way to welcome Dr. Miles and make him feel a part of the community.

“I will miss Dr. Knost’s great dedication to us, but at the same time, I am glad to have Dr. Miles,” Yoo said. “I believe he will continue Dr. Knost’s great work.”

She said while Dr. Miles doesn’t have any specific problems that need to be fixed in the district, she still expects for him to have an effect on the district.

“I hope he can connect with the students and bring the schools together for a better sense of community,” Yoo said.