Senior Field Trip Returns to Past Tradition


Media by Marta Mieze

Emma Leary, senior, turns money for the senior field trip forms to Barbara Grimes, senior secretary. Leary was amongst the students on senior advisory committee who decided on the change to the City Museum from Six Flags. “I think it was kind of a split decision between the two because everyone loves Six Flags and everyone loves the City Museum,” Leary said.

For the past two years seniors have gone on the senior field trip to Six Flags; however, this year some seniors were surprised  when they found out this year’s trip will be to the City Museum.

Aria Heuer, senior, was one of those students.

“I don’t know how all people feel about it, but I kind of think it is a bit immature for our age,” Heuer said.

She said she will most likely not go on the trip on April 2 because many of her friends are skipping school that day, the reason being while they don’t wish to go the City Museum, they still want a time to relax and enjoy being a senior.

Heuer said she understands the reasons behind the choice but thinks other places should have been considered.

Senior Principal Dr. Dan Ramsey said City Museum used to be the senior field trip destination  However, for the past two years the seniors went to Six Flags.
He said the decision was mainly based on the expenses because Six Flags was $55 per person and would not honor season passes; whereas, the City Museum is $25.

“We are only there [Six Flags] about four hours,” Dr. Ramsey said. “It became kind of a really expensive experience for a short amount of time.”

Overall, Dr. Ramsey said the reactions he’s received from students have mostly been positive and that the students who have been more negative became more understanding after hearing the reasons behind the decision.

He said he allowed the Senior Advisory Committee to make the decision. Emma Leary, senior, is on that committee.

“I liked it because it was cheaper and I just thought it would be a lot of fun,” Leary said.

She said that while student finances were a large part of the discussion, the weather was a concern as well.

In her experience, Leary said that during the eighth grade field trip to Six Flags, it was raining, which made the experience, while memorable, less enjoyable. The City Museum could provide a safer indoor alternative.

“I think it was kind of a split decision between the two because everyone loves Six Flags and everyone loves the City Museum,” Leary said.

She said while the decision was a tough one, it will still be a great final experience.

Forms and money are due to the Senior Office today and can be turned in during lunch.