Students create MHS Snapchat filter


Seniors Jeff Rohlman and Ryan Bush create a MHS snapchat filter. “Both of our names, Ryan and Jeff, are hidden somewhere in the filter,” Rohlman said. “Try to find them if you can.”

Shu Han, Social Media Editor

Ever since its inception in 2011, Snapchat has taken off as a premier social media apps among teens, joining other popular apps such as Twitter and Instagram. Snapchat provides a way to share moments with friends as they happen, and their vast stockpile of geographic filters further enhance the experience. Filters have become increasingly available, at places such as Loufest, San Francisco Bay Area, Lollapalooza, and now, MHS.

MHS students can now add a custom MHS filter to all snapchats sent from MHS grounds, thanks to seniors Jeff Rohlman and Ryan Bush.

“A friend told us that we were able to submit a custom filter,” Bush said. “We thought it would be a cool thing to do.”

The two students submitted their design through Snapchat’s website, which required an original artwork accompanied by a paragraph detailing why the location was important to them.

“We downloaded a template from the website,” Bush said. “Then we got to work on Photoshop and created the final design.”

The design consists of the MHS logo in the bottom right with the words “Marquette High School” across the top. The two also hid a personal touch in the design, marking it as their work.

“Both of our names, Ryan and Jeff, are hidden somewhere in the filter,” Rohlman said. “Try to find them if you can.”

The filter has been a hit with the student body, and is often found on stories taken throughout the school day.

“I like the new snapchat filter,” Katie Lindner, senior, said. “it shows that we are at school but it makes taking snapchat selfies better at school.”

Other schools, such as LHS and Ladue, have also gotten filters.

“I think people like it, a lot of people use it,” Bush said. “Lafayette made one after us which means they probably liked it and were kind of jealous, but I don’t think theirs is as well made as ours.”

The students say their goal was to promote school spirit among the student body.

“I thought it would be cool to represent Marquette over snapchat,” Rohlman said. “It’s a good way to promote school spirit.”

Bush said he plans on making more filters in the future.

“I’m not sure yet what they will be for,” Bush said. “ I was thinking about maybe putting one at my house.