Restaurant Review: St.Louis Taco and Pita Grill


Media by Jacob Robinson (he/him)

Established in 2015, Taco & Pita Grill is a locally owned restaurant that serves Greek, Mexican, Indian, and American dishes.

St.Louis Taco and Pita Grill, located at 15493 Manchester Rd., is a stand-alone restaurant featuring a variety of different dishes ranging from American to Greek to Mexican food. 

Going into it, I didn’t quite know what to expect, as I had heard mixed opinions about the place. The opinions were mostly good, but the bad opinions stood out as they talked of the cold food, grime and the overall uncleanness. 

 “I think it’s really good they have a really big menu with a bunch of different cuisines,” Lucy Arnold, senior, said. “The workers are really nice and really sweet.” 

But then there were other people who did not like it and had quite strong opinions on it, but many disagreed. 

The California chicken philly is made up of chicken, cheese and ranch in hoagie bun. The dish has recently gained popularity, and for good reason, as it had a savory flavor in the chicken that the melted cheese and tangy ranch really complemented well. (Media by Jacob Robinson (he/him))

“It was kinda gross,” Ella Kalemis, junior, said. “Overall 5 out of 10, the place is dirty, there is grime everywhere.”

But when I went, I didn’t see any of that. The tables were clean and there wasn’t any speck of grime in sight. The windows were a little dirty but nothing that would draw anyone away or make them feel unwelcomed. 

The food wasn’t cold either. I ordered my food and it came out within 10-15 minutes. I went with a few friends and we tried a burger and fries, a burrito, a california chicken philly and some jalapeno poppers. The burger wasn’t too bad but could’ve been better, but the fries were fantastic. The burrito was really good with a variety of ingredients: steak, peppers, pico de gallo, cheese and more. The flavor was good and never got old. 

The poppers were good too. They were a little different from what I’m used to but I actually thought it was a tasty dish. They were filled with cheddar cheese that melted in my mouth. 

But the best thing I had there had to have been the California chicken philly. This was made up of chicken, cheese, ranch tossed on a hoagie. Every bite was as good as the last.

The price isn’t that bad either. The philly was $8.99 and the burger was $5.50, and for what you are getting, that’s not bad at all. I can testify that it is more than enough and very filling.

Overall, I would rate St.Louis Taco and Pita Grill a 4/5 stars. The price was great for what you got and the food tasted really good.