Which U.S. President Would You Have Dinner With?

Instead of attending class, students across the nation will spend time away from school Monday, Feb. 17 in honor of Presidents’ Day. 

The federal holiday was originally created in 1885 to honor George Washington’s birthday. Later, in 1971, it was renamed “Presidents’ Day” and the date was switched to give workers a break from their jobs, as well as to honor other presidents, according to History Channel

A Messenger survey, receiving 136 responses indicated 49 percent respondents were Democrat, 25 percent were Republican and 26 percent identified as a different political party. 

In honor of Presidents’ Day, several students were asked: If you could have dinner with one U.S. President, who would it be and why? 

Andrew Corrow, sophomore, said he would have dinner with George H. W. Bush so he could hear stories about his life experiences in World War II, the CIA, vice presidency and presidency. 

“He had a very interesting career and I have immense respect for him,”  Corrow said. 

Katie Bauman, social studies teacher, would like to have dinner with Jimmy Carter, and because he is still alive, it would not be impossible, Bauman said. 

“I greatly admire him and his presidency,” Bauman said. 

Bauman said she values his concern for the environment and his contribution to the community. 

Kristen Holness, junior, chose to focus on the personal challenges rather than political aspects. Holness would like to have dinner with Franklin D. Roosevelt because she is interested in his self-image, especially with his paralysis. 

“I would want to know his mindset and how he felt with his disability and how that affected his leadership,” Holness said. 

Gayatri Rampilla, senior, said she would have dinner with former President Obama. 

“He represents a first for many things for America,” Rampilla said. 

Rampilla said she admires the different policies he has implemented as well as the impact he has as a the first black president.

 “I would ask him questions about his life and how he got to where he is,” Rampilla said. 

The Messenger survey indicated students viewed President Barack Obama as most popular, followed closely by President Donald Trump.