Student Spotlight: Nicole Seevers

Sydney Kalmes, Editor in Chief

With less than a month left until the senior’s last day of school, there seems to be an influx of award ceremonies. Nicole Seevers, senior, has already won the Ace Award, Winner’s Circle, and coming up on Tuesday, April 22, she will attend the Celebration of Excellence.

Seevers said she is also looking forward to the senior field trip to Six Flags on Wednesday, April 23, and graduation and senior farewell on Wednesday, May 21.

“I want to try and push through and do the best that I can so I don’t have to take finals,” Seevers said.

School policy states that seniors don’t have to take finals in the classes they have As in and if they are taking an AP class and they are taking the AP exam, they don’t have to take the final if they have an A or a B in the class. Senior finals run from Wednesday, May 14 until Friday, May 16.

Seevers said she was honored to be nominated for all of these awards.

“You need to make the most of your time in high school,” Seevers said. “I was a role model student, even though I’m more of a quiet person. I always did my homework.”

Seevers said she was also a good leader, a hard worker, kept a positive attitude and had good grades.

“I am really looking forward to Celebration of Excellence because it will be interesting to see who has won what award,” Seevers said.