Senior breaks 20-year-old record


Media by Anvi Talyan

Nico Case, senior, attempts to score during water polo practice on Friday, March 10.

Shooting the yellow ball past the goalie’s outstretched arms, Nico Case, senior, had no idea he had just broken the record for most goals scored in one water polo game, raising the previous record of 12 by one goal. 

While the record had been matched multiple times in past years, Case was the first to beat the 2003 record during a game against John Burroughs on Wednesday, April 19. 

“I was not expecting it,” Case said. “Especially two years ago or last year, I would not expect that many goals.”

The highest number of goals Case had scored in one game had previously been seven, so once he hit nine goals during the Burroughs game, he thought he might have a chance to break the record. 

Case has been playing since eighth grade after seeing his brothers play, and said he has been able to improve his game by getting stronger and faster.

I was not expecting it, especially two years ago or last year, I would not expect that many goals.

— Nico Case, senior

Case said he felt he not only got better throughout the season but the team also improved along the way. 

“There’s a period of adjustment where you have to get to know the new team, learn how each of the players play, know our weaknesses and our strengths and build upon that,” Case said. 

Though Case won’t be returning for another season at MHS as he is graduating, he plans to coach club water polo and is considering playing recreationally in college if he gets the chance. 

Claire Maniscalo, head coach, said that in her four years of coaching, she has never seen a player get close to breaking that record. 

“Thirteen goals in a game is pretty impressive,” Maniscalo said. “So it was really neat.”

Case has been playing for Maniscalo since his freshman year, and she has seen his growth as a player, especially with him taking on the role of captain this year.

He is a very skilled player, if anyone was going to do it, it was going to be him.

— Roni Rozenblit, senior

“This year he had to take a closer look at not just himself, but his impact on the entire team,” Maniscalo said. “So, it wasn’t just a focus on him getting better. He was a lot more focused on making sure that his entire team grew with him.”

Roni Rozenblit, senior, has been teammates with Case since elementary school in club swimming and has been on the MHS swim and water polo teams with him since freshman year.

Rozenblit said Case definitely showed potential early on in the year to break the record.

“He is a very skilled player,” Rozenblit said. “If anyone was going to do it, it was going to be him.”

Rozenblit said he and Case usually have a similar average for scoring each game. Rozenblit couldn’t play during the Johns Burroughs games, which gave Case the opportunity to break the record.

Rozenblit said it will be weird not seeing him every fall and spring like he has for the past four years. 

“It’ll be different, but I enjoyed the time we had,” Rozenblit said.