Recap: MHS Hockey Season 2020-21


Media by Carter Van Buskirk

Varsity hockey lost to Christian Brothers College High School (CBC) in the Challenge Cup Championship Saturday, March 6.

Varsity hockey lost to Christian Brothers College High School (CBC) in the Challenge Cup Championship Saturday, March 6.
“I think we actually played fairly well as a team,” senior Ryan Farrell, left winger, said. “We all put in so much effort, but they had a few bounces go their way and we took some penalties that we shouldn’t have.”

They finished their regular season 8-8 with several winning and losing streaks, carrying them into the Playoffs.
The Mustangs lost 2-1 in their first playoff game against Kirkwood High School Thursday, Jan. 28, before catching their stride, going 5-2-1 into the Challenge Cup Championship.
“At the beginning of the season, we had no idea how good our team would become and no one knew what we could accomplish,” Farrell said. “We all worked very hard and we are all very proud of our achievements.”
CBC jumped out to a 1-0 lead minutes into the game before extending it to a 2-0 lead in the second period. CBC continued to pour on the pressure for the rest of the game, shooting 37 shots on goal and holding the Mustangs to seven.
“Obviously, we were a bit dejected,” junior Ryan McDonald,defenseman, said. “Losing in a championship game is never easy. Even though we wished the outcome of the game was different, we were ultimately proud the way we worked all season.”
After the game, the Mustangs accepted their plaque and metals recognizing them as second place finalists in the 2020-2021 Challenge Cup Playoffs.
“We were a resilient group of guys and we worked harder than most teams,” McDonald said. “We’ve lost a lot of talent in the past two years, but our team this year has worked twice as hard and that’s exactly why we made it to the state championship.”
Last year, the Mustangs lost 13 seniors of their 26 player roster. Losing nearly half of their team, McDonald said they were underrated among the state’s top teams, such as CBC, De Smet Jesuit and Saint Louis University High School.
The championship game marked the end of nine seniors’ time on the MHS hockey team. Senior Brett Zimmer, winger, said he will remember hockey as a life changing brotherhood that has shaped his time in high school for the better.
“We proved everyone wrong this year,” Zimmer said. “To be the second team in MHS hockey history to make it this far into the playoffs is something that I will cherish forever because it happens so rarely.”

Zimmer said that his senior counterparts were downhearted because, for the majority, it would conclude their competitive hockey career.
“All the seniors were tearing up,” he said. “It wasn’t because we lost. It was the fact that our hockey career is over and this was our last high school game ever. I’ll miss it.”