Athlete Profile: Colin McHugh


Shu Han, Advertising Manager

Humans were never meant to be comfortable in water. A lack of gills, webbed appendages, and fins make water an uncomfortable environment for most people. Colin McHugh, however, is not like most people.  Colin McHugh, senior, is the captain of the swim team. He has been swimming competitively since he was seven, and is looked up to on the team as a leader, a competitor, and a friend.

“Colin is a very nice guy,” said Andy Heller, junior and a fellow member of the swim team. “He is the captain of the swim team and hes a great leader for the whole team. He’s one of the fastest swimmers so hes a great addition for the whole team.”

Mitchell Lee, junior, also backs Heller’s statement. Lee praises McHugh’s energy, and his ability to motivate others.

“Yeah Colin’s a really good guy, he always gets us motivated and pumped before meets,” Lee said. “He is definitely a leader. He’s always looking to help others and encourage them to be their best.”

McHugh himself is more interested in their season. He has ambitious goals for both the team and himself.

“For the team we want to go undefeated, win all of our dual meets, eventually win conference,and place in state,” McHugh said. “For me personally i want to make it to state in the medley relay, 50 freestyle, and 50 backstroke.”

In order to achieve their goals, the swim team has set up a rigorous training schedule to strengthen themselves.

“We practice in pool Monday through Saturday,” McHugh said. “On Wednesdays and Saturdays we do dry land which is where we run or go to the weight room for an hour or two.”

Despite all the work McHugh puts into his sport and his team, he also stays involved at school and in the community.

“I do art a lot, and I’m in ap art studio. I also do National Honors Society, National Art Honors Society, and Improv Club,” McHugh said.


Art is a large part of McHugh’s life, and he hopes to make it a career. He has already committed to SCAD; Savannah College of Art and Design. He palsn to double major in sequential art and film and television.