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Many teachers use surveys such as the one pictured at the start of a course so they know students preferred pronouns. A proposed Missouri bill would make it a felony for teachers to support students in social transitioning, including the use of pronouns other than the students assigned pronoun at birth.
Staff Shouldn't Be Punished for Supporting Students
Editorial BoardApril 15, 2024

A Missouri bill was introduced to the House Thursday, March 29, that could charge teachers and counselors who support students' social transitions...

Earlier this month, Taylor Swift took her jet from the Spirit of St. Louis Airport in Chesterfield to the St. Louis Airport in Cahokia Heights, taking 13 minutes, 2 tons of carbon emissions and $844 worth of fuel.
Taylor Swift Causes Needless Carbon Emissions
Aubrey Lacavich, Sports Editor • April 5, 2024

Eight hundred and twenty two celebrities flew into Las Vegas mid-February for the Super Bowl LVIII in their private jets. Among them was pop-star...

This comparison photo shows the hallway seating (left) verses the standard lockers (right). The expanded seating has outlets and USB plugs for charging.
Opinion: Remove the Lockers
Elliott Jorgensen, Associate Producer • March 14, 2024

In a school of more than 2,000 students, MHS students are rarely seen loitering around their lockers. This raises the question: does anyone use...

Most students have very busy schedules which can make time management a big struggle. By keeping a planner it can make it easier to visualize your tasks and can help in remembering what you need to get done.
Opinion: Students Should have Part Time Jobs
Morgan Siegel, Staff Reporter • March 4, 2024

As job openings increase, so does the need for employees. With total payroll employment rising from January 2023 to January 2024 by 42,100 jobs,...

A screenshot of a AP French Canvas assignment that has the students use ChatGPT for feedback.
The Evolution of Education
Prashu Sidella, Online Editor • February 29, 2024

With the rise of online platforms and the integration of cutting-edge technologies, educators are redefining the way students engage with and...

Colleges Disregard Environment

Media by Elliott Jorgensen
Three Messenger staffers collected their college mail for less than one week and it filled a recycling bin.

My house is full of glossy brochures. They are stacked on my counter, in my room and in my mailbox. And they are all from colleges begging me to send in an application, despite half not having either of my intended majors.  

They are filled with every wonderful thing a college could offer: pictures of an obscure class with 14 students that few will take, their selective large dorm rooms, aerial views of the school only in early fall or late spring, and the vast options of food served on campus. 

Ninety times out of 100 the brochures sent from colleges won’t tell you how much it costs to go there, but do include their super selective scholarships. 

There are 575 seniors at MHS. Multiply that by the 60 brochures I received in a week and the whole senior class received 34,500 pieces of college mail in one week. 

Accumulating this mail over the course of a whole year and we could start a recycling business

Colleges highly prioritize marketing, paying 42 cents for each student email and address from the Student Search Service, a College Board database. A fortune is spent on these shiny picture books that only add to the stress of college applications. 

And where do most of them end up? In the trash.

According to Eco-cycle about 4 million tons of glossy brochures, envelopes and other direct mail advertisements end up in U.S. landfills each year. A large portion of that can be contributed to college mail. Clearly this is a problem. 

It’s understandable that colleges and universities have to advertise because ultimately they are a business, but switching to only email marketing would be best. I already receive a ton of emails from colleges, and I don’t need the additional picture books they decide to send. 

College mail isn’t useful, especially when it’s wasting paper, and ignoring the clear alternative: email.  

According to New York University, it’s estimated that American households collectively throw away the equivalent of 100 million trees’ worth of paper. Recycling college mail would largely curtail the amount of paper going to landfills. 

As high school students, we cannot stop colleges from advertising and sending “personalized” letters in bulk, but we can at least recycle instead of contributing to landfills. 

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Aubrey Lacavich, Co-Sports Editor
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Elliott Jorgensen, Associate Producer/Production Editor
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