Opinion: Put Down Your Phone


Media by Emma Tyulyayev

Often times I find myself scrolling through apps wasting time rather then being productive. These apps have become a major part of my life, and I wish that they weren’t.

A glow illuminates the wall across the room, followed by a “ding.” Not just one, but multiple.

I see a new notification has appeared, and without a second thought, my hand reaches to grab my phone. There are Instagram and Snapchat notifications, followed by email alerts on my home screen.

Waiting, waiting for me to respond. To grab my attention. To take my time.

Everyday life is caught up in the world of social media and people are sucked into the screens of phones and computers. Although social media can be a good tool, it can also be a terrible poison.

People tend to get too caught up in worrying about the number of likes and dislikes they get on their page. This digital obsession takes over our lives; I’m guilty of it too.

But as I walk through the halls of MHS I realize everyone holds one thing in their hands: a common cell phone taking snaps, posting pictures and recording videos.

Social media can be used but in moderation; although, we shouldn’t depend on these apps to show who we are, and even then, it’s not truly who we really are. As a society, we tend to depict a fake persona online, one that isn’t who we truly are. This persona is made up of pictures constantly at concerts, parties or other major events.

Do I think social media should go away?

No. It is a great tool, but I do think that everyone needs to step away, focus on the real world and live in the moment instead of being glued to a screen. We don’t have to post everything, but we don’t have to post anything at all.

The world isn’t inside a screen, but actually all around you.