Net neutrality matters today and forever

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Net neutrality matters today and forever

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Net neutrality matters Today.

Right now as I am typing this a vote is taking place over whether or not to limit the freedoms of every person who consumes any media today.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Ajit Pai the chairman of the FCC are in favor of removing restrictions on net neutrality and allowing ISPs to operate under less restrictions than they have before.

The plan to loosen net neutrality restrictions is to be decided by the FCC. The five people on the council consists of two democrats and three republicans. It is likely this will pass.

The situation does look grim. If the action passes, the plan will move forward and ISPs will have the ability to slow down your internet, decide what you do, or do not see, and completely stifle freedom on the internet.  

But, this is one battle, not the entire war.

It is likely that if controversy remains after this vote, it could be up to Congress or the courts to decide if net neutrality protections will remain in place.

This is just the beginning. If you care about the internet, entertainment or the ease of research, you should speak now. But, if you care about America, freedom and personal liberties, the time to speak was months ago.

This isn’t just about paying for access on the internet we didn’t have to pay for before. This is about censorship, the First Amendment and using your voice to express how you want your country to be run.

We cannot allow anyone in this world to restrict our fundamental rights as Americans.

The time is now. Use your voice on the internet now. Stop the FCC from whisking away the most basic of our freedoms.

After all, a world without a free place to express our opinions is a world where change becomes exponentially more difficult. Re-gaining net neutrality protections may be impossible with them not in place.

The people who control your connection to the internet have a stake in seeing those protections removed and seeing them stay removed.   

If you are an American, speak your mind now. As high school students, we are the first generation fully immersed in the internet. It allows us to accomplish amazing things through communication that no one could have done before.

Go now. Tweet, Snapchat, Instagram, whatever you want. Whatever you do, remember that it’s your freedom being challenged.

Your voice matters today, and forever.

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