MHS Plans for a New Type of Homecoming


Media by Annie Alcorn (she/her)

Senior Sean Van Rens buys a ticket for Homecoming. Tickets are on sale for $20 in the theater lobby.

If a heel went into the turf webbing it could not only damage the turf but most importantly could injure the person wearing them.

— Shane Matzen

Instead of a herd of students in the Commons, this year students will be dancing on the football field under the stadium lights for Homecoming this Saturday. 

We decided to have the dance on the football field because it was the largest place where everyone could gather on campus,” said junior Lexi Kossmann, who helped plan the event as a member of the student council. “It will be interesting with heels this year because they are not allowed on the turf, but I am excited to see how it goes.”

There will be a platform for dancing, a DJ and activities on the field. 

STUCO is recommending all students wear tennis shoes, flip flops, wedges or flats to the dance because heels will not be allowed on the turf or the track. 

“If a heel went into the turf webbing it could not only damage the turf but most importantly could injure the person wearing them,” Activities Director Shane Matzen said. There will be coat and shoe checks on the field, so students will not have to carry around their shoes and coats all night. 


The dance will be COVID-19 safe by having activities and decorations dispersed on the field, Kossmann said. Kossmann said she is hoping this avoids large crowds gathering in one area as it will be easy for groups to stay separated and spread out. 

Per RSD guidelines, masks are optional for students since the dance is outside.

“We also do not plan on everyone coming right when the dance starts, so there should be rather staggered entries and departures,” Kossmann said. 

Junior Principal Dr. Rick Regina said he is excited for this Saturday night. 

“We are excited for students to get the chance to get together, listen to some nice music and have a fun evening,” Dr. Regina said. 

For the most part, STUCO is trying to plan the Homecoming dance the same as a “normal” year, Dr. Regina said. But, naturally, there are some things being done differently.

“We are going to have to stop a little bit earlier because we are outside with the neighborhoods,” Dr. Regina said. 

The dance will go from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. instead of ending at the regular 10 p.m. 

Because the dance starts at 6:30 p.m., this still gives students plenty of time to dance and socialize, Dr. Regina said. 

Dr. Regina said another change is the amount of chaperones because the stadium field is a much larger area than the Commons. 

“There will be more chaperones than a normal year because we’ve got a lot more space,” Dr. Regina said. “We definitely have to be more spread out since the field is more spread out.”

Although this will not look like a typical Homecoming dance, STUCO, the Marquette Parent Organization and administration have a safe Homecoming night planned for the community.  

“It is going to be a beautiful night, and I’m really looking forward to being outside and having a fun dance,” Dr. Regina said.