MHSNews | Origami Messenger Boat

Looking for something creative to do with Issue I of the Messenger? Try following these instructions to make an origami boat.

1. Tear the center crease of the paper to separate the front page from the back page. You will only need one page, so you can discard the rest.

2. Orienting the paper vertically, fold the top down so the paper is folded in half.

3. Take the top two corners and fold them into triangles, meeting in the center.

4. Using the rectangular, unfolded edge, fold the corners into triangles towards the center of the paper. Then fold the entire tab up. Repeat on the opposite side of the paper.

The paper should now loosely resemble a hat or boat.

5. Push the two base corners of the triangle inwards towards each other. Some space inside the paper should open up, before the two corners meet to make a square shape.

6. Fold the two open corners up to once again form a triangle shape.

7. Lightly pull the two previously folded corners out and away from the center. Space should form in the middle. Lightly crimp the center to give the boat more stability. You should now have a completed origami boat.

Happy folding.