Signs Dominate Homecoming Proposals


Media by Nick Lee

Senior Nick Lee asks senior Elley Dwyer to Homecoming with a sign. Lee asked her at a friend’s birthday party. “We talked about it before, but I didn’t know there was going to be a poster,” Dwyer said.

Hiding around the corner of the house, senior Rishabh Sabnavis held a sign, with a plan to ask senior Silvia Garcia to Homecoming. 

Sabnavis’s friends rang the doorbell for him, and turning the corner came Sabnavis, holding onto his sign that read, “Drake the typa guy to ask you to hoco with a sign.” His friend Ankith Kalathil drove up with “Kiki do you love me” by Drake playing.

Walking outside, Garcia didn’t know what was going on. 

“I was very caught off guard but it was funny,” Silvia Garcia, senior, said.  “I was doing 

homework, when they pulled up.” 

Garcia appreciated the sign as it’s a running joke within her and her friends. 

Signs have become a common way for students to ask each other to school dances and other events. 

Ethan George, freshman, spent two  hours creating his Homecoming poster two weeks ago for Suzanna Miletic, freshman. The poster read, “Suzanna, something in the orange tells me to ask you to Homecoming,” referencing the popular TikTok sound. Showing up with roses and Reeses Pieces, George was nervous.

“I was a little stressed to ask her, but I was happy she said yes,” George said. 

Seniors Nick Lee and Elley Dwyer are going together after Lee asked with a Taylor Swift sign. Dwyer loves Taylor Swift and her favorite song is “This Is Me Trying” from the Folklore album, so the sign was fitting.

It read, “I just wanted to let you know that This Is Me Trying to ask you to hoco.” 

He spent roughly an hour on the poster, trying to replicate the font from the album.

“I already knew she was going to say yes because we had talked about it, but I thought it was a nice formality or thing to do,” Lee said.

Dwyer wasn’t expecting a sign, but was grateful for the effort.

“It was a really good sign. He totally put a lot of effort into it,” Dwyer said. “I’m excited and looking forward to Homecoming.”