Competitions During Lunch Spark School Spirit


Media by Akhila Swarna

Arianna Holt, senior, gains momentum to get ahead in the Rolling Wheels Relay against the the freshman, sophomore and juniors during Wednesday, Sept. 14 on second lunch. Holt said she looks forward to the spirit lunch games and hopes that MHS continues this tradition in the future.

While enjoying lunch during Homecoming week, the students in the commons hear the booming voice of Senior Principal Dr. Richard Regina announcing the friendly yet fierce competition between grade levels: The Lunch Shift Games

Arianna Holt, senior, was one of four seniors who won in Wednesday’s second lunch shift game. After switching seats just so Dr. Regina could see her, Holt was finally selected. 

The game, Rolling Relay, consisted of a race between members of all four grade levels. One member rolled on a chair with wheels from one side of the Commons to another in the hopes of finishing the challenge before their opponents. 

“I like participating in school spirit events,” Holt said. “I love doing games. It’s just something that I’d always been into.” 

Holt said she was not expecting a win for her team and didn’t know until minutes after. The pressure was intense with all of the seniors cheering and the other grade levels booing, Holt said. 

“I really enjoy seeing everyone band together to cheer and get into it, especially the freshman after they didn’t get to see spirit events like this in a while,” Holt said. 

Dr. Regina said the games have been conducted since eight or nine years ago, but due to COVID protocols, the games had to be put on pause. He said the lunch shift games during Homecoming are meant to spark excitement and spirit for the dance.

“We brought them back this year because it is a fun way for students to interact and smile and laugh at lunch,” Dr. Regina said.

The smiles and laughter motivate Dr. Regina to continue the games throughout the week.

“The most important thing is that the games bring smiles and a shared experience,” Dr. Regina said. 

The games can remind students that school is not merely grades and tests but can be enjoyable, Dr. Regina said.

“I’m an energetic guy, so I definitely believe the high school experience is that spirit, that camaraderie and that laughter in the memories,” Dr. Regina said.

Senior Ritika Jagarlamudi said the games bring a spirit-filled atmosphere to her last year of high school.

“I felt very entertained,” Jagarlamudi said. “I thought it was such a great idea to build student involvement during Homecoming week.”

Ever since Jagarlamudi heard Dr. Regina was conducting the games, she began to look forward to lunch and the friendly competition. During the Rolling Relay game Wednesday, second lunch, Jagarlamudi volunteered but was not picked to participate. 

“I find the spirit games so encouraging seeing other kids have fun because school can be really stressful,” Jagarlamudi said.