Family Leaves St. Louis to quarantine in Mexico


Media by John Lynch

Ian Lynch, senior, studies for his online classes near Cerritos Beach in Todos Santos.

With the COVID-19 virus nearing its peak, many Americans have canceled their spring break vacations to contain the spread.

As of April 2, Missouri has seen 1,581 confirmed cases since the coronavirus’s emergence in early March. Effective until April 22, St. Louis has issued a stay-at-home order for all non-essential proceedings, leaving many quarantined in the confinement of their homes.

The Lynch family gave a different response to the St. Louis proposition, bringing Michael Lynch, freshman, and Ian Lynch, senior, on a vacation out of the country. 

Since March 13, the family has been socially distancing in Todos Santos, Mexico, a small fishing village about an hour north of Cabo, San Lucas. 

The Lynch family owns a condominium on Cerritos Beach and has been vacationing to Todos Santos for six years. 

“We saw what was going on around the country and felt that we had to make a quick decision,” John Lynch, father of Ian and Michael, said. “As soon as President Trump announced the travel ban, we decided we were going to leave the United States.”

Todos Santos, located on the Baja peninsula, has an estimated population of 6,485 people. Backed by the Pacific Ocean and the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range, the city is generally secluded.

“We thought if we headed to Todos Santos where there are far less people than in St. Louis, we would be safe,” John said. “We knew we were far less likely to contract the coronavirus in Mexico than back in St. Louis.”

In Todos Santos, the city has been nearly untouched, with only 26 documented cases in the Baja-California region. Because there have been few cases in the area, John said panic doesn’t seem to have set in with the locals. 

The excursion hasn’t been all critical. Day to day, the family enjoys a practically vacant gym, tennis court and beach.

“The trip has been very calm,” Michael said. “Down here, I am able to keep up with school, lift and go on runs if I want to.”

Because of RSD’s new online formatting, Michael and Ian are able to continue their studies virtually.

“It’s really helpful that classes are now online,” Michael said. “I’m able to access my online textbook for math and communicate with teachers through Zoom while in Mexico.”

Ian said the trip has been lengthy, but it’s a great alternative to being quarantined in St. Louis. He said his family is still taking safety precautions and are making sure they keep their distance from others. They are also making certain they wash their hands more than usual.

“We have everything we need here, if we do have to stay for a long period of time,” Ian said.  “Personally, I’ve been in Mexico for a long time, and it’s been great, but I would like to come back to St. Louis soon.”

Currently, the Lynchs are scheduled to return to St. Louis by May 1 with hopes that Ian can participate in senior sports, Prom and Graduation; however, they fear they will have to remain in Todos Santos indefinitely.

“There are too many unknowns and, with numbers increasing daily, it’s hard to predict when we will come back to St. Louis,” John said. “For right now, we are going to stay put and see what the next couple of weeks hold. Currently, we feel a lot safer in Mexico than in St. Louis.”