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MHSNews | Marching Band Performs for Gateway Warriors Golf Tournament

Shon Sayfuddinov, Associate Producer October 17, 2019

On October 7, marching band attended the Gateway Warriors Golf Tournament at St. Albans Country Club to perform for the opening ceremony.

The Editors’ Room Podcast- On Burnout

Jackson Estwanick and Kavya Jain October 16, 2019

On this episode of the Editors' Room Podcast, Jackson and Kavya discuss the dangers of burnout in the workplace and how it affects them. Despite a few irritating interruptions, the two learn from each...

J Squared Podcast- Pushed Over the White Line

Jadynne Watts and Jordyn Reid October 11, 2019

On this episode of the J Squared Podcast, Jadynne and Jordyn talk about their homecoming and Powderpuff experiences. J Squared is a podcast where Recruitment Manager Jadynne Watts and Social Media Editor...

MHSNews | French Classes Attend World Languages Day

Jackson Estwanick, Executive Producer October 10, 2019

On Friday October Fourth, a group of French Four and Five students traveled to the University of Missouri St. Louis for World Languages Day. Students explored six different cultures and languages through...

MHSNews | Botnik Says Podcast: Paul Blart 3

Connor Karst, Online Publisher October 2, 2019

On Botnik Says, Online Publisher Connor Karst strives to use the artificial intelligence system known as Botnik to write perfect screenplays. Through the Voicebox feature, Botnik is able to remix text...

The Editors’ Room Podcast- On Communication

Jackson Estwanick and Kavya Jain September 28, 2019

On this episode of the Editors' Room Podcast, Jackson and Kavya discuss workplace communication and their different communication habits. The Editors' Room Podcast aims to give listeners an insight...

MHSNews | Grade Levels Reflect On One Month of Flex Time

Katie Schowe, Staff Reporter September 19, 2019

Already a month into the school year, Flex Time has introduced a new dynamic to the high school experience. MHSNews interviewed students from all grade levels to see how they feel about the new schedule.

Messenger Movie Podcast S4 Ep1: It Chapter Two, Angel Has Fallen

Will Roach and Jeff Swift September 17, 2019

In this episode of the Messenger Movie Podcast, Will Roach and Jeff Swift talk about “It: Chapter 2” and “Angel Has Fallen.”

MHSNews | Female Football Player Breaks New Ground

Lexie Diekroeger and Connor Del Carmen September 15, 2019

When Grier Brandt, freshman, walked into the first day of official team practice, she knew she would face challenges most freshmen athletes also encountered. However, she faced one challenge that was particularly...

MHSNews | Origami Messenger Boat

Jackson Estwanick and Shon Sayfuddinov September 13, 2019

Looking for something creative to do with Issue I of the Messenger? Try following these instructions to make an origami boat. 1. Tear the center crease of the paper to separate the front page from the...

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