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Junior Jess Willsey works to fill an order for a customer of her baking business J Dubs Sweets.

Students Discover Creative Ways to Make Money

Marin Ellington, Co-Sports Editor January 24, 2021

Junior Jess Willsey’s dream is to open her own bakery in Chicago, but for now she’s opening her own bakery out of her kitchen in Ballwin. Willsey used her free time during the stay-at-home order...

Soham Saraf, co-branch director of the St. Louis Branch of CMP, and CMP members pick up trash at the Clean-Up Project.

Students Organize Clean-Up Projects To Help The Climate Crisis

Aarushi Bute, News Editor January 24, 2021

Last summer, Soham Saraf, junior, was approached by a friend with the opportunity of a lifetime: to join the student-led, non profit organization known as Clean My Planet (CMP). CMP, which expands across...

Mental Health is something that many people struggle with, and Fr. Christopher Martin, Pastor of St. Clare of Assisi Parish, sees faith to be a outlet for advocacy.

Different Religions’ Views on Mental Health and Suicide

Marin Ellington, Co-Sports Editor January 24, 2021

“Taking a life is not permissible or allowed in our religion.” This tends to be a theme for many main religions, and Tamima Hasan, senior and co-president of Muslim Student Association (MSA), pulls...

Paula Ake, college counselor, booked a photography session with Isabella Jacobs, senior, to take pictures of her and her daughter in Forest Park.

Picture Pro: Student Runs Photography Business

Zara Tola, Copy Editor January 24, 2021

The minute she started snapping pictures at age 15, Isabella Jacobs, senior, knew she had found her love for photography.  But Jacobs isn’t the average run-of-the-mill photographer who likes to jump...

Annika Haas, senior, listens to music and plays violin, along with other instruments, as a creative outlet for mental health. She turns to Spotify Music or her vinyl record player to find songs that represent and elevate her current mood. “I have a lot of anxiety, so especially this year, music has really helped me understand that everything will be alright,” Haas said.

Creative Arts Therapy Affects Mental Health

Lauren Pickett, In-Depth Editor January 24, 2021

Annika Haas, senior, was often consumed by anxiety and unbalanced priorities. She tried breathing, among other techniques, that failed to ease her mind. Her sophomore year, she discovered an outlet to...

MHS provides various resources to improve student's mental health. Read the graphic above to find out more information about these resources and get help if needed.

Administration’s Role in Student’s Mental Well Being

Lajja Patel, Staff Reporter January 18, 2021

Following the death of her close friend, Addison Bricker, junior, wanted to do something special in remembrance, so she reached out to Junior Principal Carl Hudson. Bricker was hoping to talk about...

Oscar (left), a Goldendoode, lays on the ground after going on a walk with his owner, Arya Patri, sophomore.  “It’s helped me have something good come out of this pandemic,” Patri said. “Having a pet who loves you unconditionally makes you feel good.”

Pets’ Impact on Mental Health

Aarushi Bute, News Editor December 23, 2020

From warm kisses to wagging tails and a whole lot of belly rubs, Anahita Kaul, sophomore, was oblivious to the everlasting impact a furry animal would have on her life.  As a birthday gift, her aunt...

Janvi Huria, senior, writes about online learning’s racial and gender inequality and mental health factor for her upcoming blog post. “I’m really into gender inequity in various spaces so topics like this instantly catch my eye,” she said. Generally, Huria spends three hours researching a topic and about an hour writing and editing the post. She then has her parents read it over one last time before making an illustrated cover and finally hitting the “post” button.

Students Pick Up Recreational Blogging

Waha Siddiqui, Editor-In-Chief December 12, 2020

Sprawled on her couch, Janvi Huria, senior, dazed off in sheer boredom. She questioned her activities, asking her friends and family what she could do to take up time. That is when she stumbled upon the...

Students and faculty who have tested positive for COVID-19 have opted to speak openly about their diagnoses and experiences.

More than a statistic: students, faculty open up about their experiences with COVID-19

Zara Tola November 25, 2020

When Steven Schmitt, math teacher, found out he had tested positive for COVID-19, he wanted to be transparent about his diagnosis.  Schmitt revealed to his students that he had tested positive...

Two groups from MHS Center Stage celebrate after a virtual performance.

Music Teachers Adapt to Challenges

Connor Del Carmen, Associate Editor November 24, 2020

At 5:15 am, while most students are still asleep, Jeffrey DiLallo, guitar teacher, can be found working in his classroom to prepare for the day ahead, which was difficult when RSD was doing all virtual...

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