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Environmental Concerns Provoke Action

Abby Grace, senior, waters a variety of herbs and green on her deck. Grace's family started gardening last year and have since incorporated their harvest into their diet.

Lauren Pickett, Staff Reporter

December 6, 2019

Is this an ethical brand? Are they using sustainable resources? These were senior Abby Grace’s thoughts as she was looking for a Homecoming dress. Her sustainability efforts are incorporated throughout her life, especially in her purchasing habits as she nears college independence. The decision to...

You Are What You Eat

A variety of side dishes are common in Korean culture.

Lauren Pickett, Staff Reporter

December 6, 2019

As Thanksgiving approaches, students and staff from diverse backgrounds reflect on their personal relationships to cultural food traditions.

Mobile Typing Influences Student Writing Habits

Mobile Typing Influences Student Writing Habits

Mason Kellerman, Lexie Diekroeger, and Jackson Estwanick

December 3, 2019

Lilly Size, senior, is able to type out whole paragraphs on her phone using two thumbs almost as effectively as she types on a keyboard with 10 fingers. “It makes you think more when you’re on a keyboard because you actually have to move your hands and not just your fingers where it’s in such...

“Germany on Wheels”: Wanderbus Visits MHS

Wednesday, November 13, the Wanderbus, a

Arpitha Sistla, Staff Reporter

November 30, 2019

  When Carlen Hite, sophomore, walked into school Friday, Nov. 13, she didn’t know what to expect. Kimberly Hotze, German teacher, had been hyping up the “Wanderbus” field trip for over a month. So, when the day arrived, Hite was pleasantly surprised to find a colorful, lively German-...

MHSNews | Wanderbus Brings German Culture to Marquette

MHSNews | Wanderbus Brings German Culture to Marquette

R.C. Gioia, Staff Reporter

November 26, 2019

German students took their learning of the language outside the classroom November 13, as they boarded the Wanderbus. The Wanderbus is a travelling program that teaches students German language and culture on the go, and Marquette was its only stop in Missouri.

Lessons in the Lavatory With New Guidance Counselor

Layla Torgoley, guidance counselor, describes the content on her November

Lauren Pickett, Staff Reporter

November 19, 2019

Layla Torgoley, guidance counselor, said she may have more in common with students than they may realize.  Having graduated from MHS in 2013 and as a UMSL alumni, she describes herself as an Iraninan first generation immigrant as she reflects on her journey through K-12 in RSD.  “I woul...

How’s The Weather Up There?

Zoë Malik, junior, stands on the left next to Ally Fitzgerald, sophomore. Katie Weiss, senior, poses on the far right, with Kira Mangan, senior, on the left of her. Ed Bolton, chemistry teacher, is 5' 7

Zara Tola, Data Journalist

November 18, 2019

Walking through the halls of Marquette, it’s hard to miss these girls. Tall girls. Although movies like “Tall Girl”, which was released earlier this fall, make it seem like being tall comes with a lot of problems, when you actually talk to these girls about their height, they’ll tell you ju...

Cafeteria Employs Student Stocker

Cafeteria Employs Student Stocker

Waha Siddiqui and Katie Schowe

November 14, 2019

While most students her age are asleep, Brianna Komorech, freshman, is sitting in the Commons at 6:15 a.m.  Komorech’s mom, Cindy Komorech, is a member of the child support staff and arrives at school early to fulfill her duties in the cafeteria. Because of this, Brianna spends an hour in th...

Senior Celebrates Gotcha Day

Madison Fischer, senior, enjoys a meal from Chick-fil-a at the mall with her mother. “Being adopted has given me more perspective on being a foreigner and a minority in America and how lucky I am compared to many immigrants that never get a chance to come to America legally,” Fischer said. Photo used with the permission of Madison Fischer.

Sarah Harris, Associate Editor

November 14, 2019

Madison Fischer, senior, was adopted when she was 10 months old. Originally, she was left in a box at a government center in China and it was there that she was found and taken to an orphanage. When Fischer’s family adopted her, they were handed a note with her birthday on it, April 5. Yet, every...

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