Review: White Chocolate Pretzel Snowball M&Ms


Media by Annabelle Miller (she/her)

The White Chocolate Pretzel Snowball M&Ms are a seasonal flavor. They have a sweet and salty taste and are a great snack for the holidays.

White Chocolate Pretzel Snowball M&Ms are one of the exciting new candies this holiday season. Sold at Walmart, Target and Amazon, the candies have a white chocolate outside with a crunchy pretzel inside. 

Last year, White Chocolate Sugar Cookie sweetened the candy shelves during the holiday season. The next upcoming flavor is Crunchy Cookie M&Ms to be released in March 2022.

The candy company, Mars, announced the release of this new flavor in June and it hit the shelves in September. My family enjoys the seasonal M&Ms, so I decided to give them a try.

The White Chocolate Pretzel Snowball M&Ms may have a long name, but nothing less could explain this new flavor.

The individual M&Ms are more spherical than the original flavor, but the shape is more uniform than the peanut M&Ms. Each M&M can roll, so be careful if you spill! Along with the shape, the white, light blue and dark blue colors add to the “Snowball” look.

True to its name, the candy tastes exactly like a white chocolate-covered pretzel. The sweetness of the chocolate and the savory flavor of the pretzel creates the perfect snack for a cozy night by the fire or a fun day in the snow.

The white chocolate is the first flavor you taste when you pop one of the M&Ms in your mouth. Once you bite down on the pretzel, both flavors combine to be sweet and salty. 

I enjoyed trying my 7oz bag of White Chocolate Snowball M&Ms, and would definitely buy more. The Mars Company has made many great M&M flavors, and I like the idea of seasonal flavors. 

My favorite flavor of M&Ms is still Mint, but White Chocolate Pretzel is now high on my list. This flavor is more like a snack than a dessert, so I could see myself eating them after school when I start my homework.

I give the White Chocolate Snowball M&Ms 5/5 stars because the flavors go well together and make a great snack.