MHS Students and Staff Highlight Christmas Decorations


Media by Mallory Kaiman

Mallory Kaimann’s, interior design teacher, Christmas tree she decorated for the holiday. She went with the black, white, red, and white light color scheme.

Riley Burke, sophomore, decorates for Christmas with her Grandma every year. She is Catholic, so her family sets up traditional Christian decorations such as the Nativity scene, Bible verse decorations and many angel statues. 

Burke said the week before Thanksgiving her house turns into a party when the Christmas decorations come out. The Christmas season is her family’s favorite time of year.

“It is an easier way to lift people’s spirits in this time especially that everything is getting depressing with a lot of deaths, sickness and not being able to go to school,” Burke said. 

Along with religious inspired decorations, she puts up many snowmen and Santa decorations, but her favorite is a little snowman house. Her family has had the little snowman house since she was born and she said it reminds her of her childhood. 

Unlike Burke, Mason Sledge, junior, decorates for Christmas after Thanksgiving.

Sledge said his family decorates the Christmas tree together and sees it as a time to spend time with his family. He loves the atmosphere Christmas decorations bring as well as a different way to decorate his house during the year. 

“Putting them up and spending time with family is really what the spirit of Christmas means to me,” Sledge said. 

Mallory Kaimann, interior design teacher, has noticed with current circumstances regarding COVID-19 restrictions, outdoor decorations have been popular. People have put them up earlier, as more time is being spent outside people’s houses. 

With her interior design background, she focuses on the elements and principles of design. She said most people will focus on what looks good, and what decorations represent their family.

Kaimann said color is everything when it comes to Christmas decorations. This year the natural farm theme has been extremely popular, which includes tans, greens and white frost colors. Blues, silvers and whites have also been popular.  

“Christmas decorating brings out the excitement of Christmas, and they allow us to bring everyone together,” Kaimann said.