Track Review: Blood Harmony

“Alexa, play ‘Blood Harmony’ by Finneas:” a phrase I have said at least five times a day since the groundbreaking debut EP was released Oct. 4. Although the Alexa feature doesn’t work because of Finneas’ small following (she is unable to play the album), it is worth the extra effort to look it up in order to be blessed with the work of art this EP is.

Finneas O’Connell, better known as Billie Eilish’s brother, producer and co-writer, breaks into his own stardom with the release of the indie pop EP, “Blood Harmony.”

The term “Blood Harmony” is defined as when two siblings are filled with extreme musical talent and can perform perfectly together. Finneas, however, takes this to a new meaning. 

Overall, his version of “Blood Harmony” is that he can help make amazing tracks with his sibling, but also have the flawless musical talent in his own creations. The blood harmony is that they both have the raw talent that can also stand alone. He proves that he is so much more than just “Billie Eilish’s guitarist” and that he too can hold the spotlight. 

His vocals are of the most impressive nature, especially for the current trend of autotune and technological editing. His vocals remain raw and prove his talent can illuminate in the simplest of recording.

The EP is filled with seven tracks that explore situations of relationships, love, anxiety, commitment and so much more. The best part of this masterpiece is all of the topics explored are uniquely described and thought out in ways that make listeners think while also feeling so connected to relatibilty described. 

I want to make sure I touch on every one of these intricate songs so pull out your music streaming app and listen along as I describe the perfection that this album and it’s lyrics are.

1. “I Lost A Friend”

Although every single one of the seven tracks on this EP has become my newest obsession, I resonated most with this one. The similes throughout both the first and second verses completely capture what it means to grow away from/lose someone who is close to you and then be forced to heal. Having recently gone through this exact situation, I felt this the hardest. I think Finneas completely captures how even though you are expected to be healed after a certain timeline created by society or by your own self conscious, this isn’t the reality of the situation.

2. “Shelter”

This song brings a more upbeat track to the EP. It has wonderful guitar work and unique and fun percussion aspect. It brings in a sort of Ed Sheeran “Shape of You” vibe with a great dance-inspiring beat. It also brings in a great take on love as it discusses how life can be a “storm” and a lover can guard you from it. It also touches on having to “go to war,” which is a metaphor for facing tough situations. I think this is a really cool take on life and how “going to war” can be easier with a loved one by your side.

3. “Lost My Mind”

Finneas captures the reality of falling in love with someone and being so unsure of how they feel towards you. He once again uses deep metaphors such as “You’re the sound of a song and I can’t get you out of my head” and “You’re the scars on my skin, you’re the past that I cannot erase” to describe the truth behind a crush. I know I couldn’t help but think of someone while listening to this one and just thinking, “Yep. That’s accurate,” to every line sung throughout this track. 

If you haven’t listened to “Blood Harmony,” you need to go do it right now because it’s everything you didn’t know you needed in your life.”

4. “I Don’t Miss You at All”

The second I heard the unique beat to this track, I was addicted. You can’t help but tap your feet and vibe a little while listening to it. I love how unique this track was. The title makes it seem as though  it would be a song about being over someone and just loving life but the reality is it’s quite the opposite. It is more of a take on the process of getting to that place following a break up. It almost takes a “post break up” thought process and the reassurance and convincing that is said to oneself while trying to move on. I also couldn’t help but laugh many times throughout the entire track as the underlying humor throughout the lyrics is so special and unique. The last line of the song is also incredibly powerful and left me feeling so fulfilled by this song.

5. “Partners in Crime”

I have had this EP on repeat for the last few days and it still makes me tear up every time it comes on. I don’t know if it’s the couple-goals lyrics or if it’s the mellow and romantic musicality of it. I also love how the song tells a love story so one-of-a-kind. All I know is Finneas opened my soul to what love should be and I cannot wait until I find out who my “Partner in Crime” is.

6. “Let’s Fall In Love for the Night”

Ok. So I am not advocating for cheating but the scandalous romance described in this song is my new favorite thing. I think Finneas captures such a unique side to the modern romance. He brings in the theme of “having a thing with someone” or “not putting labels on relationships” and I think it might even be more romantic than a normal relationship. The spontaneity and depth of the relationship is my new goal in life. I especially love how he included sounds from the night (frogs croaking, crickets, etc.) at the end of the song. And I mean come on, his laugh at the end is also incredibly adorable.

7. “Die Alone”

“Die Alone” reminded me a lot of what love should feel like and what I strive to find in my life.  Finneas’ vocals were phenomenal in this song. I was beyond impressed by his talent and how soothing his voice is. The melody of the song is also beautiful on it’s own. The piano brings a pretty and artistic light to it. I don’t have much else to say about this one because it is so wonderful that I think it speaks for itself, so just go listen. 

If you haven’t listened to “Blood Harmony,” you need to go do it right now because it’s everything you didn’t know you needed in your life. It truly is magic in an EP.